Who is Hunter Echo? LA TikToker claims he dated and lived with Millie Bobby Brown

Hunter Ecimovic went live with a couple of his friends on Instagram on July 12 where he commented on the nature of his relationship with the actress

                            Who is Hunter Echo? LA TikToker claims he dated and lived with Millie Bobby Brown
Hunter Ecimovic, known as Hunter Echo on TikTok claimed he dated and lived with Millie Bobby Brown for eight months (Instagram/exposinghunterecho)

Trigger warning: This article contains sexual references made against a minor

Hunter "Echo" Ecimovic, a TikTok star from Los Angeles with 1.6 million people following him on the platform sparked controversy after claiming he dated Jake Bongiovi's girlfriend, Millie Bobby Brown. Ecimovic went live on his Instagram account on Monday, July 12 with a couple of his friends and videos captured by people who were on the live reveal he made startling claims about his alleged sex life with the British actress. He and his friends also made fun of the fans who joined the live video. At one point. Ecimovic's female friend body-shamed two girls who had joined the live, asking "which one is fatter?".

A new page on Instagram, @exposinghunterecho, has been created by fans who believe Ecimovic "groomed" the 'Stranger Things' actress. Video clips from Ecimovic's live video have been shared on the page where he and his friend are seen and heard making explosive comments about the time the 'Enola Holmes' actress allegedly dated the TikToker. Ecimovic's fans were begging him to stop talking, some of them sent hate to him while some threatened this is the end of his career as he doled out comprehensive details of his alleged sex life with the actress. In other news, James Charles was accused of flirting with minor Jake Cherry on TikTok. 


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Who is Hunter Ecimovic?

Hunter Ecimovic is a 20-year-old TikToker from Los Angeles. Apart from having a full-fledged career as a social media star, Ecimovic who goes by the name Hunter Echo on all social media platforms also works as a model. He shot a campaign for American Eagle last year, modeling the brand's line of underwear. Photos from the shoot are in the highlights section of his Instagram page. Ecimovic is under fire for claiming he allegedly dated Millie Bobby Brown when she was 16 (she's currently 17) and they lived together for eight months.

At one point in the live video, Echo also jokingly claimed Millie "used her powers on me and I got manipulated." Later, Echo's female friend claimed he and Brown indulged in butt play. "She put a coffee thing up my butt," he said. Echo and his friends were laughing while making these claims but the people tuned in to his live video were absolutely stunned. Echo's female friend mockingly read one of the comments on the live, which read, "Millie is a child" later on adding, "that child knew how to s**k d**k." Esimovic confirmed the same saying, "yea she did" and proceeded to laugh out loud. 

Millie Bobby Brown's fans are seething with anger and want Ecimovic arrested for making these claims online. "How can we get him in jail?" one fan asked. "This needs to be handled in Court because cyber bullying is not joke," asked another MBB fan. "He's literally explaining the details of a minor's sex life on the internet..." wrote another angry fan. "Not only did he groom and have sexual relations with a child, he is continuing to harass her on the internet. how are police not involved," another comment read. All the comments can be accessed here


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