Who is Darrell Brooks' mother? 'Traumatized' mom called 911 seeing red SUV on news

Brooks is reported to having called his mom and trying to escape with no shoes on as police tackled him after his attack at Waukesha holiday parade

                            Who is Darrell Brooks' mother? 'Traumatized' mom called 911 seeing red SUV on news
Darrell E. Brooks, the suspect in the Waukesha parade tragedy. (Waukesha County Sheriff)

Waukesha Christmas parade suspect Darrell Brooks was produced in court in the afternoon on November 23. At the beginning of the hearing, the prosecutor read out his lengthy rap sheet to the court, including domestic disturbance charges against him. Reports suggest his ex-girlfriend whose identity is under wraps was spotted running away from him with a black eye just moments before he barrelled into the Christmas parade, according to his neighbor. Brooks killed six people, including young Jackson Sparks, and left 62 people injured. Brooks' reportedly called his mom before trying to escape barefoot as police tackled him at a Milwaukee home before arresting him. His mom is 'traumatized' after the incident and says she offers thoughts and prayers for the families of the victims. 

A number of conspiracy theories surrounding the case are floating on the Internet. Conspiracy theorist and anti-Muslim activist Laura Loomer who is also an anti-vaxxer claimed this attack was "vehicular jihad." On a Telegram post, Loomer mentioned Brooks was a member of the Black supremacist sect of Islam called 'The Five Percent Nation' while also saying he was accompanied by two others when he attacked the crowd with his car. Internet sleuths have also claimed Brooks is a racist after going through his old posts where he spoke about "knocking old white people off" and also posted anti-Jew propaganda on his Facebook page which was taken down on the night of the attack. His YouTube page where he rapped 'F*ck Donald Trump' under the stage name Mathboi Fly has also been taken down. 


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Who is Darrell Brooks' mother?

Darrell Brooks's neighbors have come forth to reveal how he was "always a little off" and lived with his mother. "I didn't know him more than 'hi and bye' but I remember seeing that red truck parked there," said one who didn't want to be identified. Another neighbor Ebony told The Sun "He must've snapped. The whole thing is messed up but it doesn't surprise me." Brooks' mother's identity much like his ex-girlfriend hasn't been publicly revealed. However, she has sent out her first statement following the tragedy through the family's spokesperson in the evening on November 23, hours after her son was produced in court and charged with five counts of intentional homicide. The outlet reported she called 911 after spotting her son's red SUV on the news.

"She talked to him before he went to Waukesha and doesn't know why he did this and doesn't condone his actions," family spokesperson Frank Nitty told the outlet. "I spoke to her for hours. She's traumatized and hurt and wants each victim of [her son's alleged] actions to know that her thoughts and prayers are with them." Nitty added Brooks' mom is expected to speak further on the incident on November 24 or later this week. Daniel Rider, a good samaritan who let Brooks into his home, made him a sandwich, and allowed him to use his phone to call an Uber assuming he was homeless later revealed that the suspect called his mother instead. 

“A lot of it I didn’t understand very well but sometimes he was yelling,” said Rider. “After about 5-8 minutes, I saw police drive by and started getting nervous and told him he had to leave," he said adding Brooks was "polite" the whole time he was with him. “He even thanked me and said, ‘Thank you for showing me so much love here, man. Appreciate you warming me up.’” Rider said Brooks became aggressive after leaving his home adding that he returned and pounded on his door demanding to be let back in because he forgot his ID. Moments later the cops closed in on him and arrested him from Rider's property. 


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