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Waukesha: Darrell Brooks aka Mathboi Fly's videos allegedly show SAME red Ford Escape SUV

Darrell E Brooks aka MathBoi Fly was arrested after Sunday incident and his vehicle was also recovered
UPDATED NOV 22, 2021
Apparently, Red Ford Escape SUV used in Waukesha carnage also featured in the person of interest' music videos (Twitter)
Apparently, Red Ford Escape SUV used in Waukesha carnage also featured in the person of interest' music videos (Twitter)

WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN: A vehicle used to mow down people participating in the Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy has reportedly featured in Darrell E Brooks’ videos. Brooks is the person of interest, who has been detained, after the Sunday, November 21, incident that killed five people and injured over 40. Police also found the red Ford Escape SUV about 20 miles (32 km) west of Milwaukee that was believed to be used for the attack at Gasper Avenue and Main Street in Waukesha.

Brooks is reportedly a rapper and is also known by his stage name MathBoi Fly. Though he has not been declared a suspect or charged in the case, reports said he was taken into custody when a red vehicle similar to the parade SUV showed up on Google Maps for the address listed in Brooks's name. Also, multiple people have claimed on Twitter that the vehicle in question is the same one featured in the 39-year-old’s music videos.


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A user claimed, “Waukesha: Darrell Brooks Jr, a 39-year-old individual, raps under the name MathBoi Fly. A red SUV can be seen in one music video. In the name Jay Brooks, he wrote about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.” The second one noted, “Wisconsin Parade Terror: Facebook just took down MathBoi Fly’s Facebook page. Usually they are a little quicker about taking suspect’s FB pages down. YouTube will likely follow. Backup of the music video with the SUV and matching plate number. #wisconsin #parade #Waukesha.” “Isn't he a Rapper called 'MathBoi Fly' ? In one rap song 'Half a Tikket' on  Youtube he is standing in front of a Ford SUV that looks very similar to the vehicle used in the crime. Mmm very interesting,” the third one added.




A person tweeted in Italian, which has been translated in English, “#Waukesha Here is Darrell Brooks Jr, the man arrested for the massacre at the Christmas parade, in a rap video produced under the name of 'Mathboi Fly'. You can also see the SUV with which he then carried out the massacre. Brooks was in jail up to three days ago. #wisconsinparade.” Another one wrote, “Darrell Brooks Jr. aka ‘Mathboi Fly’ in a rap video with what appears to be the same red Ford SUV driven through a crowd of people during a holiday parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin killing several and injuring dozens. He was released on bond 3 days earlier.”





A Twitter user pointed out, “Wtf?! The red suv is even in his video, and btw dude makes horrible music!!” “He raps as bad as he drives. Did his sidekick shoot kids. Reports this happened /  #Waukesha @MrAndyNgo He also has a rap video featuring the same SUV that drove into the parade,” a tweet added.

According to reports, Brooks has a lengthy criminal history. In 1999, he was found guilty of substantial battery followed by another conviction for marijuana possession in 2002. Then in 2003 and 2005, he was convicted for obstructing an officer and in 2011, he was convicted for marijuana possession, and bail jumping. Brooks also has multiple open felony charges filed against him this November.

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