Darrell Brooks: Nephew Anaji Brooks begged judge for no-contact order over 2020 shooting

In July 2020, Darrell Brooks and nephew Anaji got into a fight over a cellphone, leading to Darrell firing at him

                            Darrell Brooks: Nephew Anaji Brooks begged judge for no-contact order over 2020 shooting
Darrell Brooks (Waukesha County Sheriff) and Anaji Brooks (Anaji Brooks/Facebook)

With each passing day, more information becomes available about Darrell Brooks, the man responsible for the Waukesha holiday parade tragedy. Brooks is currently facing five charges of intentional homicide for the incident, but it's not his first brush with the law. In fact, he's got a long rap sheet going back all the way to the 1990s. 

Brooks, a rapper who also goes by the name of MathBoi Fly is currently wanted in Nevada for being a non-compliant sex offender. Reportedly, Brooks had sex with a 16-year-old in 2006, leading to him being placed on the sex registry. On November 2, Brooks also ran over the mother of his child after a fight, leading to a large number of charges. It's now been revealed that the woman isn't the only family member Brooks has had trouble with.


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It appears Brooks and his nephew got into a fight in July 2020, leading the nephew Anaji Brooks to file a no-contact order. He isn't the only one though, it appears his grandmother filed one too. Possibly facing life in prison, it appears Brooks is losing the few friends he has, with one saying, "I can't have that in my life."

Brooks' woes with family

Exact details are unavailable, but we do know Brooks and Anaji got into a fight over a cellphone in July 2020, leading Brooks to shoot his nephew. It's unclear if Anaji sustained any serious injuries, but the no-contact order he filed indicates he didn't. Anaji filed that order on September 10, 2021. In his request, he said, "this affected me more emotionally than physically," and added, "'It made me come to the conclusion that this man wasn't family or kin to me." 

Anaji said, "Family shouldn't hurt family the way he did." It appears the order was granted because The Daily Mail reported Brooks was forced out of the four-bedroom home in Milwaukee's Arlington Heights area. It should be noted that the other resident of the home, Brooks' grandmother Dawn Woods also took out a similar order, but details of that could not be obtained. 

It appears the sole friend he had also has little interest in seeing him again. The Mail tracked down Marsha Winters, a friend who has known Brooks for over a decade. The duo used to hook up after meeting on the social networking platform Mocospace, but never seriously dated. Winters conceded she never even knew his full name until the Waukesha tragedy made headlines. "I always knew him as Fly," she said.

"He was always cool, he used to tell me I needed to finish school and he was always saying he was proud of me," Winters said, adding Brooks always encouraged her to succeed. But her family never approved of him, and so Winters is now reconsidering their friendship in light of his charges. "I can't have that in my life," she said and admitted she wouldn't see him in prison if he was convicted. 

As we previously reported, Brooks also got into an altercation with the mother of his child, when she was in Milwaukee. His actions appear to leave him with little friends and family for support, which could mean a lonely and long stint in jail if convicted. 

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