Who is Becky Sauerbrunn's boyfriend? Soccer star dating Zola Short who played for Virginia team

Sauerbrunn has been in a decade-long relationship with Short who played for the Virginia men's soccer team in the past. Here's what to know about him

                            Who is Becky Sauerbrunn's boyfriend? Soccer star dating Zola Short who played for Virginia team
US women's soccer team star Becky Sauerbrunn is dating Zola Short (Instagram)

Becky Sauerbrunn's 'My Unfair Advantage' campaign for Adidas in 2020 was hard-hitting, even though promotional. In the video, she described how she turned obstacles including mental battles into an advantage while on the pitch and became this legendary figure in women's soccer just like her co-players in the US Women's National Team (USWNT). 

She was hailed as a warrior during the World Cup Finals in 2019 where the No 1 ranked USWNT faced off against the Netherlands in France. Sauerbrunn had collided with a player which resulted in blood trickling down from her head down to her face as she knelt for a couple of moments to gather herself. She left the court for two minutes and came back with a bandaid and a band supporting her injury and the Internet couldn't hold it together at the powerful display of sportsmanship they had just witnessed. 


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"Becky Sauerbrunn was bleeding from her head and still dominated while bandaged up. 10000% St. Louis right there," a Twitter user wrote. "Becky Sauerbraten making plays while bleeding from the head is the definition of badass," another tweet read. "Becky Sauerbrunn is THAT b***h for taking a forehead shot, bleeding, wrapping her forehead up, and coming right back in for more. #FIFAWomensWorldCup" wrote another fan. Her greatness on the field has been witnessed by all, her professional milestones celebrated by many but her personal life is seldom talked about. Continue reading below to know more about her family which includes her boyfriend of 10 years, Zola Short. 





Who is Becky Sauerbrunn's boyfriend Zola Short?

Becky Sauerbrunn has been dating Zola Short. Details of when they first met remain scarce, however, a report says they came across each other in 2011 while they attended the University of Virginia at the same time. Short played as a senior defender on the Virginia men's soccer team in the past. He seems to have shifted gears and currently works as a director for Adidas's soccer sport's marketing department. 

Becky is highly active on her Instagram page and while most of her posts are soccer-related, she slipped in a boyfriend appreciation post in 2019. She posted a photo of Short smiling wide, the kind of smile where your eyes are shut while one experiences pure joy, wearing her merchandise. The caption for the photo read, "Find you someone that’ll wear your face...but not in a creepy way." She got jokes, people. But it was Short who snagged all the love in the comments.