Who is Beaux Cormier? Louisiana man hires hitmen to kill niece who accused him of rape, they kill his sister instead

The mother lied to the hitmen and told she was the victim so that the daughter could be saved

                            Who is Beaux Cormier? Louisiana man hires hitmen to kill niece who accused him of rape, they kill his sister instead
Beaux Cormier hired hitmen to kill niece (Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office)

ACADIANA, LOUISIANA: Beaux Cormier, 35, has been arrested after he was accused of hiring two of his friends to kill his niece after she had accused him of rape. He did it to prevent her from testifying. The hitmen, Andrew Eskine, 25, and Dalvin Wilson, 22, were arrested by deputies after they killed Beaux's sister Brittnay Cormier, 34, and her neighbor Hope Nettleton, 37, at Brittany's home in Montegut, Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Timothy Soginet said during a press conference on February 1. 

Left: Andrew Eskine, Right: Dalvin Wilson (Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office)

When Eskine and Wilson arrived at the house on the night of January 13, Brittany Cormier lied to them and said she was the victim when they asked for Beaux Cormier's niece by name, to save her daughter. Both Brittany Cormier and Hope Nettleton were shot and killed. The latter was at Brittany's home when the two men arrived and tried to struggle with the gunman shortly before getting shot, according to the sheriff. Brittany Cormier's daughter and stepdaughter were hiding in a closet when she was murdered.


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The shooters confessed and named Beaux Cormier as the man who hired them after an investigation. All three men have been booked into the Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Complex on two counts of first-degree murder. Bond has been set at $2 million for each man and officials said they are working to increase the bonds.

Left: Brittany Cormier, Right: Hope Nettleton (Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office)

Who is Beaux Cormier?

According to The Advocate, Beaux Cormier, Brittany's brother, is a convicted sex offender from Kaplan. Beaux Cormier also went with Eskine and Wilson to do surveillance at the home. The men also attempted to murder the rape victim on another occasion prior to January 13, in November 2020, using a family member's vehicle but failed. While Eskine was out of town during the time of the shootings on January 13, he helped plot the murder, and Wilson used his vehicle to carry out the shooting.

Beaux Cormier's rape case is working through the court system in Vermilion Parish. He was convicted of another sex crime in 2004 for carnal knowledge of a juvenile. He was initially charged with the forcible rape of a 12-year-old but he pleaded no contest to the reduced charge in exchange for seven-and-a-half-years in prison. According to Brittany Cormier's obituary, Beaux Cormier served as one of the pallbearers during her funeral. 

District Attorney Joe Waitz Jr said of the case, "This shooting has rocked our community, and it will not be tolerated." He continued, "These guys worked tirelessly around the clock to solve this case. We have a strong case and I will get convictions in this case. These guys are very dangerous and I don’t want them out on the streets.”

“We don’t get these kinds of things that happen in Terrebonne Parish, especially in Montegut,” the sheriff said. “People are very close over there. There were good people who died and it has really hit the community hard.”

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