'90 Day Fiance': Why wasn't Jovi Dufren’s mom invited to his wedding? How Gwen and Yara Zaya's relation may change

Yara Zaya and her future mother-in-law might not see eye to eye, but that might possibly change, seeing that their wedding is around the corner

                            '90 Day Fiance': Why wasn't Jovi Dufren’s mom invited to his wedding? How Gwen and Yara Zaya's relation may change
Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya finally might have Jovi's mom Gwen (R) at their wedding (Instagram/TLC)

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren's relationship on '90 Day Fiance' has been nothing short of tumultuous. The couple only seems to be fighting and bickering and now, with Zaya pregnant, the pressure of their situation seems to be getting to them.

The couple is already in the process of planning their wedding, but if the engagement party was an indicator of things to come, the couple's special day might be anything but peaceful. Both Zaya and Dufren got into a vicious argument before, after and during the party.

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The couple wanted a big wedding party, but seeing that Zaya's family couldn't make it for the wedding on account of Covid-19 travel restrictions, she decided that it was best if they had an extremely small, low-key affair. The couple agreed on a Vegas wedding, and as Dufren put it, he hopes to 'make a fun weekend out of it'. Dufren's mother, Gwen, was insistent on having a wedding, but Zaya was having none of it, seeing that it's unfair that his family gets to be there and hers doesn't.

With Zaya refusing to budge, the pair ended up planning their Las Vegas wedding. In this week's episode, Gwen joins Zaya as she goes wedding shopping. While Gwen clearly doesn't look too onboard with Zaya's choices, she supports her nonetheless and looks like she's slowly understanding Zaya's headstrong personality. Zaya picks up on her forlorn look and confronts her as to why she's upset. Gwen reassures her that it's tears of joy, seeing that her son is finally getting married and as much as she's like to be there, she respects their decision.


Zaya reminds her that their choice has nothing to do with her specifically, to which Gwen responds that she does understand and that she's glad that she can at least be a part of some of the wedding planning, like helping Zaya go dress shopping. Seeing her mother-in-law get emotional results in a change of heart on Zaya's end — she extends an invitation to her mother-in-law, seeing just how much attending this wedding means to her. It's heartwarming to see the two actually get along, especially since they've continually clashed through this season, even if it was passive-aggressively. Gwen had previously insinuated that Zaya was a gold digger and even went as far as to say that Ukrainian women often marry foreigners for their money. Zaya was having none of it and hit back with the fact that stereotypes aren't what define people and if they did, then foreigners would think that all 'Americans are stupid'.

Even when it came to their engagement party, Zaya was insistent on having a small affair, since Gwen really wanted to throw them one. Zaya agreed, on the condition that it would be a private affair, she didn't want to celebrate without her family. But Gwen ended up throwing a party with 60 odd people or so, taking Zaya completely off guard. The private wedding seemed like it could possibly ruin their relationship forever, but this turn of events and change of heart might just mend their relationship.

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