TRUTH behind Biden's FAKE White House set as trolls ask 'did Kamala chuck him out'

Hollywood-style set in the Old Executive Office Building is being used by Biden for announcements, meetings and is filled with screens, lights and flags

                            TRUTH behind Biden's FAKE White House set as trolls ask 'did Kamala chuck him out'
A view of the set used by President Joe Biden for public events (@POTUS/Twitter)

Another day, another Joe Biden controversy. For weeks now, the president has drawn a lot of attention to his choice of location for public events, which many believed was "fake". On October 7, that was indeed confirmed to be the case. Reports say the White House has built a Hollywood-style set for the president to use inside the Old Executive Office Building, complete with large-screen computers and lights, and even multiple "fake" windows.

The president is currently facing several crises at once, aided by the Republican Party's continued attacks. On October 5, he was greeted by signs with "f--k Joe Biden" on his visit to Howell, Michigan.  On September 29, he was met with chants of "Joe you suck" at the Congressional baseball game. In late September, we also reported on the story that Biden was using a tax loophole to avoid paying $500,000 in taxes, despite publicly calling for fairer taxes on the rich.


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Amid this, there's the stalled legislative agenda, the threat of a government shutdown and the culture war with the GOP over vaccines and abortion that is giving the president a major headache. The attacks from conservatives haven't stalled but only gathered momentum. Their latest topic - Biden's White House "set", when he could just use the real thing.

President Joe Biden receives his Covid-19 booster shot at the South Court Auditorium "set" on September 28, 2021. (@POTUS/Twitter)


Fake set revealed

If you've been following Biden over the past few days, you would have noticed the president now takes most public engagements from an area that very much appears to be the White House. He got his Covid-19 booster shot there and held his virtual Covid-19 summit with other world leaders on September 22. Ever since then, there have been rumors that Biden was using a "set" of some sort, as eagle-eyed users spotted views from the windows that didn't appear natural.

Well, the truth was revealed by none other than the White House itself. On October 7, Biden's official Twitter account put out several videos from the set as part of his interaction with business leaders over the debt ceiling. The damning videos clearly reveal a full-fledged stage, complete with lights, large displays, and multiple fake windows. The windows appear to be programmable, to show varying photos of the White House grounds and outdoor areas. 

It's also been decorated with several flags and a desk so that it appears to be inside the White House, when in fact it isn't. According to transcripts, the set has been built at the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The full "set" can be seen in the video uploaded to the @POTUS Twitter account below-



Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller had a theory as to why Biden prefers to use the set, over the actual White House. "It allows him to read a script directly from a face-on monitor (& w/out teleprompter glass that can be seen on camera)," he tweeted. Breitbart journalist Charlie Springer added to that by tweeting "my guess is that it's easier to do Zoom calls and streaming events here than the actual WH with better lighting and equipment." 

'Trueman Show Presidency'

Conservatives and critics were quick to jump on the bandwagon and slam Biden after the set was revealed. "Why does Joe Biden feel the need to use a Fake White House set across the street from the actual White House?" asked commentator Benny Johnson. Fellow commentator Jack Posobiec called it a "Truman Show Presidency." One user theorized, "Does he not have access to the actual White House? Did Kamala chuck him out? Did Hunter turn it into a crack den? Why does he need a set?!"





"Running the country from a movie set. Is he not allowed in the White House? You can’t make this up," one user commented. Columnist Tim Young slammed, "WTF! Why did our taxpayer dollars go to building a White House set when Biden has the ACTUAL White House to get a shot in?" Another user said, "Why do they have to create a set? The White House is full of amazing backdrops and venues. Nothing is real about this administration. Nothing."





The South Court Auditorium is located just outside the White House itself, next to the New Executive Office Building and Blair House. It has been used in the past because it is bigger than the White House's press briefing room, and therefore better suited to some large events. The White House hasn't yet addressed this controversy, so we can't say for sure when it was built, and its purpose, but both Miller and Springer appear to have a point.