'Joe, you suck': Biden booed at congressional baseball game as govt shutdown looms

The Republican side of the stadium greeted Biden with boos as hentered the ballpark Wednesday night while Democrats yelled 'We love Joe'

                            'Joe, you suck': Biden booed at congressional baseball game as govt shutdown looms
President Joe Biden attends a congressional baseball game (Win McNamee/Getty Images, Win McNamee/Getty Images)

President Joe Biden made a surprise appearance at the Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday, September 29, which came on the heels of an impending government shutdown as members of his own party threaten to strike out his domestic agenda. In a video from the match that went viral on social media, people were seen booing at the president.  

The Republican side of the stadium greeted Biden with boos as he entered the ballpark Wednesday night while Democrats yelled 'We Love Joe' and 'Build Back Better,' which is his agenda's slogan. The POTUS was huddled with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the Democratic dugout, before walking across the field to greet Republican lawmakers. The president left before the end of the game, which saw Republicans win 13-12.


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Fox News host Sean Hannity played a clip on his news segment which seemed to highlight the fact that the POTUS was booed on the field, glossing over the fact that there were cheers for him too. In the video displayed by Fox, one attendee of the game yelled "Joe, you suck" while others surrounded him were heard booing at the president. Vox reporter Aaron Rupar pointed out the fact that Hannity failed to realize that there were more cheers for Biden than boos in the stadium. 


Nevertheless, clips of Biden getting booed at went viral on Twitter with a number of social media users mocking him. "Awesome. He gets the greeting he deserves!!!" one of them said, while another noted, "It’s way past his bedtime, i’m sure they’ll bring him cookies and milk." A third added, "I think he's more disliked than Jimmy Carter as president." The next remarked, "THAT INCOMPETENT PIECE OF CRAP BIDEN JUST SHOWED UP AT THE CONGRESSIONAL BASEBALL GAME AND INTERRUPTED THE GAME IN MIDDLE OF AN INNING! HE IS GETTING BOOED BY THE CROWD!" One more said, "Biden booed at the Congressional Baseball game. Priceless!" Another stated, "Lmao you know it's THAT bad when Biden gets Booed at the annual Congressional baseball game in Washington DC People are finally waking up to the #BidenDisaster !!"







However, others commented on how misleading the video was, noting videos taken from other angles showing cheers for Biden. "Bruh this is not booing…" one of them said, while another noted, "That’s like 20 people booing compared to the hundreds of people who were cheering for him." A third commented, "Sounds like about 20 people. Nice try Maga…" The next remarked, "Oh 3 a**holes booing woopded fucken doo." A commenter tweeted, "By 5 people. Lol. Who cares? Most people cheered and applauded." Another noted, "Recorded by a loudmouth surrounded by a few other loudmouthers."







Will there be a government shutdown?

Biden's $3.5 trillion spending bill is being endangered by moderate Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. On the other hand, progressive lawmakers are all set to tank a House vote on the separate $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package in a key vote on Thursday. 

Meanwhile, Congress has until midnight on Thursday to pass a stop-gap funding bill if they want to avoid a government shutdown. A vote was scheduled in the morning on a deal announced by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The lawmakers are also tasked with raising the debt ceiling to prevent the US government from going into a disastrous credit default by mid-October, a bipartisan issue that must be resolved through reconciliation.

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