#RespectBiden trolled as president slammed over border crisis and Afghan withdrawal

The hashtag #RespectBiden made waves on Twitter Wednesday, September 22, for all the wrong reasons

                            #RespectBiden trolled as president slammed over border crisis and Afghan withdrawal
Joe Biden speaks during an event in the East Room of the White House on September 16, 2021, in Washington, DC (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

President Joe Biden is undergoing a rough patch. The botched withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the intensifying border crisis, as well as the surge in COVID hospitalizations, has led to a dip in his approval ratings. Now, critics are pushing back against any form of validation for the 46th POTUS.

The Taliban has cemented its control over Afghanistan, and the visuals of desperate locals trying to flee from the war-torn nation are still fresh in people's memory. Meanwhile, the rise in COVID-19 numbers has led to record hospitalizations, despite the US having vaccinated a vast majority of its population. Thus, the Biden administration's recent actions have riled up the domestic constituency, with many pushing back online against pro-Biden campaigns, one of them being the hashtag #RespectBiden that made waves on Twitter Wednesday, September 22, for all the wrong reasons.


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Critics of the administration lashed out at the commander-in-chief, fervently protesting the hashtag.
"If you #RespectBiden -- you're a moron," conservative author Brigitte Gabriel tweeted. "As a human being, absolutely #RespectBiden. But as a politician I cannot respect someone who opposes everything that matters most to me," one user wrote, sharing a list of issues.

"#RespectBiden?? Hell no! Take your ignorant hashtag and shove up your oblivious ass!" another added. "I'll #RespectBiden when he resigns and admits to all of his crimes!" a comment read.

"#RespectBiden for what? Trying to turn the US into a 3rd world country? This is our border right now," read another. "All I have to say to this hashtag, is what the college students at football games have to say: F*** Joe Biden!" a user wrote.

"The mindless drones tweeting #RespectBiden and demanding we capitulate are the very same screeching f***wits who spent 4 years disrespecting the entire country, half of its citizens, and a duly elected President. Such hypocrisy," another chimed in














Of all the controversies Biden is currently embroiled in, the most pertinent appears to be the border crisis. The president is trapped between his party's progressive wing blasting his plan to deport thousands of Haitian migrants and moderate Democrats frustrated that he hasn't done enough to deter migrants from surging to the US-Mexico border. Republicans have also grabbed the opportunity to lambast the administration over its border policies. As noted by Politico, there is no political safe harbor on the left or the right for Biden.

“They’ve completely bungled it from the jump,” Colin Strother, a longtime Democratic operative in Texas, told the outlet. “There has been a real human cost, and there’s going to be a massive political cost in 2022.”

Haitian immigrants stand in line for processing with U.S. officials at a migrant camp next to the U.S.-Mexico border on September 21, 2021, in Del Rio, Texas. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

A recent POLITICO/Morning Consult poll found that registered voters trusted Republicans in Congress more than Democrats to handle immigration, 45 to 40 percent. Meanwhile, another poll by Reuters/Ipsos found that only 38 percent of US adults approved of Biden’s handling of immigration.

According to Politico, Democratic lawmakers and operatives have privately acknowledged that Biden needs to better explain what he's doing and what his plans are on immigration. In fact, some are genuinely worried that the current White House approach could possibly cost them their congressional majority in the 2022 midterm elections.

"They're just giving the Republicans ammo against Democrats," added Texas Rep Henry Cuellar, who slammed the administration for contributing to the perception that the border was "open," while ignoring border officials and communities despite their warnings about the massive surge of migrants arriving at the border.

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