'Dr Pimple Popper': Patient with neurofibromatosis meets Dr Lee to overcome the embarrassment

'Dr Pimple Popper': Patient with neurofibromatosis meets Dr Lee to overcome the embarrassment
Talina tells Dr Sandra Lee that no one else in her family has the disease since she was affected by a gene mutation (Twitter/TLC)

UPLAND, CALIFORNIA: 'Dr Pimple Popper' returns to tease us with Episode 5 of the new series, in which we meet patient Talina. Dr Sandra Lee has her job cut out for her since her patient has neurofibromatosis, which causes hundreds of tumors all over her body.

The TLC series 'Dr Pimple Popper,' starring dermatologist Dr Lee, has featured lots of the entertaining cyst and lipoma pops Lee's fans have always liked. However, the show has also deviated into more serious territory. One of the early seasons, for example, featured a woman with a unique ailment that causes one side of her body to be significantly bigger than the other. In another episode, she shared the tale of Diane, a woman whose skin is covered in hundreds of small, benign tumors due to a disorder known as neurofibromatosis. Looks like, Dr Lee is about to come across another patient with a similar condition in the upcoming episode.


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Who is Talina?

According to Dr Lee, neurofibromatosis is a congenital disorder. It can show to dermatologists in a variety of forms, from a few to hundreds of bumps. Patients may have bumps on top of bumps, or they may have a single large lump. When the lumps are sagging, they are referred to as a "bag of worms." Some appear to have been subjected to multiple bump shots. Dr Lee has seen multiple patients with the same condition, but she is stumped as to where to begin.

Although the TLC show is aimed at popaholics who enjoy watching Dr Lee pop and squeeze a variety of cysts and pimples, many of the episodes contain emotional stories from patients whose conditions interfere with their daily lives. Patient Talina wishes to feel at ease in her own flesh. Her child can then be seen weeping, expressing sadness that her mother "had to cry about feeling different."



What happened to Talina on 'Dr Pimple Popper'?

Talina tells Dr Lee that no one else in her family has the disease since she was affected by a gene mutation. Talina shows Dr Lee her body, which is riddled with red patches and tumors. "You don't even know where to start" with the disease, according to Dr Lee.


Of course, Dr Lee intends to make a difference in the patient's life even though a big cosmetic transformation sounds scary, "I think that we can make a difference potentially. I really hope this works because I want to give her the difference she’s hoping for," she says. Neurofibromatosis is an uncommon genetic illness characterized by benign nerve tumors and growths in other regions of the body, including the skin.

Where is Talina now?

Talina suffers from NF 1, although it is not her fault. Ashley, a close friend, accompanied her to Dr Lee. It was heartbreaking to watch Talina's daughter so unhappy, to hear her mother concerned and upset. Her daughter was being hopeful for her mom but Dr Lee recognized Talina's tush bulge as a severe obstacle. Dr Lee indicated she required a stronger numbing agent for the tummy. Talina's follow-up was looking much better, and viewers could tell that she was becoming the mother she desired. Her daughter was overjoyed to see her mother happy.


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 Where is Talina now? 'Dr Pimple Popper' patient with neurofibromatosis overcomes embarrassment