'Dr Pimple Popper': Jimmy seeks Dr Sandra Lee's help to put an end to his 'itchy hell'

'Dr Pimple Popper': Jimmy seeks Dr Sandra Lee's help to put an end to his 'itchy hell'
Jimmy reaches out to Dr Sandra Lee to cure his alligator skin (YouTube/tlc)

UPLAND, CALIFORNIA: Jimmy sought out Dr Sandra Lee's clinic to get rid of the itchy, dry skin he was struggling with. TLC fans met Jimmy on the April 3 episode of 'Dr Pimple Popper,' who was struggling with skin problems that made his life unbearable.

A woman named Remi told Dr Lee in 2021 that she had seen several doctors for her illness. She further claimed that although various lotions made her skin appear better, the itching and dryness returned. The patient underwent several treatments after her mother encouraged her to address her skin problem. Remi has darker patches on her arms and mouth affected by the skin condition, an examination revealed. Remi reported that a man once told her she had dirt around her mouth, which he mistook for dryness. Remi's skin problem was treated by Dr Lee, who noted that the diagnosis was " close to home" because she was still grieving for her mother. She was diagnosed with eczema, which causes itchy, dry, cracked, and sensitive skin in some areas.


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Who is Jimmy?

Jimmy appears on the May 3 episode of 'Dr Pimple Popper' as one of Dr Lee's patients. Jimmy informs the cameras on TLC that he has scratchy lumps on his legs, arms, back, and chest. He recounts running his fingers across crocodile skin. He also refers to living in his own skin as "itchy hell."

Every morning is torture for Jimmy, and he knows he'll spend the rest of the day clawing his skin. He tries in vain to keep busy to distract himself from his predicament. Jimmy can't ignore his own agony, as 90 per cent of his body is covered with itchy bumps.


To give his skin some rest, he usually wears only a shirt, shorts, or a tank top on certain days. He refers to his legs as the worst part of his body. With all the scratching and stuff. Jimmy realizes that if he doesn't keep his nails short, he'll accidentally rip off a chunk of his flesh. The wound then bleeds a lot.

Jimmy meets Dr Lee to put an end to his misery  (YouTube/tlc)
Jimmy meets Dr Lee to put an end to his misery (YouTube/tlc)

What happened to Jimmy on 'Dr Pimple Popper'?

According to the episode synopsis, Jimmy will pay a visit to Dr Lee's office. Jimmy wants to find love by curing his itchy, flaky elevated alligator skin. We'll have to wait and see if Dr Lee can cure Jimmy of his alligator skin disease, but we have hope.

Where is Jimmy now?

Jimmy's skin condition was shown to be genetic. Jimmy was reluctant to take medication since he was concerned about the adverse effects. Jimmy is suffering from Darier disease. He was eager to try the drug and deal with any potential adverse effects after consulting with Dr Lee. Jimmy's skin began to clean up gradually. After a three-month follow-up with Jimmy, the medication was clearly working, with the scales and crust significantly improved. Another man laments the fact that he waited so long to get things taken care of. He's not wasting time telling Jeannine he wants to spend his life with her.


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 Where is Jimmy now? 'Dr Pimple Popper' cures patient's flaky alligator skin to help him find love