Where is HGTV's 'Brother Vs Brother' Season 8 filmed?

Where is HGTV's 'Brother Vs Brother' Season 8 filmed?
'Brother Vs Brother' Season 8 stars Jonathan and Drew Scott (Instagram/@jonathanscott)

LOS ANGELES, NEVADA: 'Brother Vs Brother' stars Jonathan and Drew Scott are all set to once again land into a healthy yet competitive sibling feud. The fight will be for the title of the season. The sibling who makes the most profit from renovating the house will secure the final prize. 

Well, the twist is that there are no rules. The Scott twins can invest as much as they want in the property and can level up the price of the house, according to them. Moreover, there is no restriction on the location. The Scott brothers can choose whichever location they want to flip homes. Keep reading to know which location Jonathan and Drew will be choosing to flip homes.


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Where is 'Brother Vs Brother' Season 8 filmed?

Deadline reports Jonathan and Drew Scott will be seen flipping houses in the Los Angeles area. However, there will no restriction that the Scott brothers will have to choose the house in some particular area. They can pick the location in Los Angeles as their choice. According to Premiere Date, Jonathan will choose a beachside house, while Drew will go with a hillside fixer-upper. In Season 8, there will be no confinement of budget or any other flipping challenges. 

The location of 'Brother Vs Brother' has never been the same. The first four seasons were filmed in Las Vegas. The duo then went to Galveston, Texas to flip the houses. Furthermore, the sixth season was shot in San Franciso. However, HGTV got back to its usual filming location from Season 7. 

'Brother Vs Brother' stars will invest in buying the house. They will then renovate the house as per their choice. Divided into two groups, they will individually mentor their home improvement experts to help refurbish the house. After successful renovation, the Scott brothers will list their house. Both will try their best to make a profit as big as possible. The one who gets the highest profit wins the cash prize of $50,000. 


'Brother Vs Brother' Season 8 will release on January 11, 2023, at 9 pm ET/PT on HGTV. The show can also be streamed on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Fubo TV, Discovery+, and Vudu.

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