'Brother Vs Brother': What's common between Drew's bedroom reno and 'Selling Sunset' star Jason Oppenheim's home?

Drew won the master suite challenge in this week's episode of 'Brother Vs. Brother'

                            'Brother Vs Brother': What's common between Drew's bedroom reno and 'Selling Sunset' star Jason Oppenheim's home?
Drew Scott, Jason Oppenheim (HGTV, Netflix)

Drew Scott won the bedroom master suite challenge this week, which made it his second win of Season 7 of 'Brother Vs. Brother.' HGTV expert Jasmine Roth was invited to judge the brothers' projects. She was immediately drawn to Drew's corner chateau because of all the surprise elements. 

The bedroom was connected to the plush bathroom with a secret door stationed next to the exquisite stone bathtub. The suite also housed a reading room with a hidden bookshelf, a walk-in closet with an island and a bed with a pop-up TV unit, a feature that is one of the highlights of 'Selling Sunset' star Jason Oppenheim's newly-renovated home in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills. 

Most part of the last few years Jason spent overseeing the renovation work of his house and the pop-up TV was definitely a part of his reno plans. He spent $40,000 on it and was proud to show former girlfriend Mary Fitzgerald around the property. "I am pretty happy with it," he said. 

Coming back to 'Brother Vs Brother,' not that Jonathan's finished project was a let-down but it definitely didn't bring out a lot of exclaims from Jasmine, who called it nice and warm. But she was definitely impressed by the entry area to the master suite, which Jonathan transformed into a library hall with a reading bench. The use of space was outstanding but the best man won. 

As per the norm, the losing brother was tasked to do something that was embarrassing. Jonathan geared up and got down at an excavator pit, which meant he would have to pull up old, discarded objects and restore them if they are in such state. 

Jonathan and Drew now have two wins each. They are tied and there are two more challenges to go before the winner of the season is announced. The winner will be decided based on the weekly challenges and resale price of their respective houses. Let's hope the brothers can put together an intense competition.

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