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When will '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 Episode 14 be out? Andrei fears of getting deported

Andrei expects that Libby will leave with him if he is deported, but she does not want to give birth abroad
UPDATED NOV 24, 2022
Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet in '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7, Episode 14 (TLC)
Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet in '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7, Episode 14 (TLC)

In Season 7 of the '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?', participating couples will face new hurdles. If you believe you know how some of them will turn out, you'll want to keep reading to find out how destinies turn in this week's episode of '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'

TLC has renewed '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' for Season 7. The show is a spin-off of '90 Day Fiance,' and it follows the lives of various couples from the original show to see how their relationships have progressed. For the current installment, a new ensemble has been assembled, including some recognizable names from the most recent series of '90 Day Fiance.' So, ahead of '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7, Episode 14, we've got everything you need to know about when to watch the show and what to anticipate from the upcoming episode.


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What happened in '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7, Episode 13?

Shaeeda's friend proposes a solution

It's the day after Bilal had an altercation with Shaeeda's buddy Eutris in a New York City restaurant. Shaeeda appreciates Eutris' support, but she does not believe that antagonizing Bilal is the best course of action. While shopping for clothing, Eutris tells Shaeeda that she has to disarm Bilal since he is too comfortable, and she never doubts him. Shaeeda persuades Bilal to meet up with Eutris at the hotel. He promises to do so if Eutris apologizes to him.

When Bilal and Eutris reunite, she confesses that she didn't get enough sleep the night before due to their tense dinner. Bilal apologizes for offending anyone and claims to have been kidding. Eutris questions why he isn't getting Shaeeda a yoga studio. Bilal claims he never promised to offer her a studio, but rather to assist her in getting her business off the ground with websites and marketing. Eutris looks him in the eyes. "I think he should have been a bit more forthcoming and transparent with her," Eutris says to the producers.

Eutris moves on to kids, and Bilal says he would give all glory to God if Shaeeda were pregnant within the next six months, even if it is not what he is hoping for. "She could forget to take her birth control pills," Eutris said to the producers. "Problem solved."


Yara desires to make her own choices

Talmadge (a.k.a. T), a friend of Jovi's, is traveling with the family to Germany. While Jovi and T are making preparations to go out drinking, Yara is arranging to visit her friend Karina in the town of Garmisch Partenkirchen, where she has fled from Ukraine. In an interview, Yara states, "I think that Jovi does not take this trip seriously and that really hurts me."

In order to acquire some clothing and supplies for Karina, who came to the nation with very few personal belongings, Yara requests that Jovi halt. Yara feels sympathy for all the moms who had to flee Ukraine while she was shopping. Her mother nudges her to extend her stay in Europe. "That’s why I feel like I should stay and help people: because I feel like I could be them," she adds as she sits down.

Back in the car, Jovi and T dismiss the proposal. Jovi claims she can assist from a distance. He claims that Yara's mother is influencing her decision and that staying will only make her more connected. Yara simply wants to make her own decision: "I am a grown-ass woman, and I am not some woman with no brain."

Libby's sister attacks Andrei

Andrei and Libby are on their way to see her sisters Jenn and Becky, who have yet to contact her despite learning of her pregnancy on social media. In an interview, she adds, "I’m hoping that we can take the first steps to fixing our relationships and putting the drama behind us." Becky informs the camera that Libby is "drifting away into the abyss." Becky rises up and yells at Andrei when he labels the sisters "sheep" for attending their mother's birthday celebration despite their original refusal. She promptly apologizes, stating that it reminded her of a time when she protected Libby from being tormented at her locker in high school. "You guys have been against him since he got here," Libby reminds them.

Becky sobs, which temporarily softens Libby. They all agree to attend family counseling. "I’m really, really hoping that this therapy session will be our saving grace," Libby tells the producers.


Angela mentions her TikTok duet partner Billy at marriage counseling

The newly reunited couple go out to repair Michael's car after Angela pulls chunks off with her own hands. Michael suggests they go to counseling while they are at the mechanic. "Oh hell no!" she exclaims. "I don’t need nobody to tell me how to handle my man!"

Angela recounts that her pre-marriage counseling in Nigeria did not go well because the counselors insisted on "total submission." "Michael’s going to be treated like the king, and I’m gonna be treated like the damn pauper," she fears. "If I go to counseling, I’m not gonna be told what to do." She ultimately decides to attend, and during the session, she discloses that her TikTok duet partner Billy has kidney disease, and she promises to see him in Canada. Michael does not want her to leave, saying in an interview that he is afraid she would leave him for Billy. "I didn’t wanna come here, but I’m glad I did," Angela tells the counselors. "Right, Michael?"

Liz goes to see Big Ed's family

The pair travels to Bentonville, Arkansas, to see Big Ed's sister Christine and her husband Jack and to plan their second engagement party. Liz is anxious about how or if Big Ed would defend her in front of his family, and she is frightened that there will be drama during the party. Big Ed discloses on the drive to Christine's house that he was the middle, privileged child of six children who "did troubling things, but rarely got caught." When he was a senior in high school, his parents split. His mother, Norma, relocated to California following her divorce from his father, who died around ten years ago.

Big Ed hopes that Liz will be given a chance by his sister, since he spent a lot of time in Arkansas after he and Liz split up, and she saw his pain. Christine tells producers that Big Ed looks pleased, which she wishes for him, but she will wait and see what happens. Christine speaks to their mother once a week and knows she wants Big Ed to be happy, even if she isn't talking to him right now. He is hoping that if he and Liz make a good impression on his Arkansas relatives, his mother will loosen up and give them a shot. Christine describes herself as "historically stubborn," but perhaps she simply needs a little more time.

Liz apologizes for sobbing over such a "touchy subject" and admits that she is apprehensive about seeing the extended family tomorrow. Christine says everyone is excited to meet and visit with her, but they are noisy, and it will be "a lot." "It will be hard for Ed to settle down or move forward without family approval," she worries.

Kim and Usman receive upsetting news from an immigration lawyer

It's the couple's last day in Sokoto; they'll return to Abuja to prepare for Kimberly's flight back to San Diego. Kimberly is thrilled to assist Usman in decorating his home by displaying his several musical achievements. He's now referring to it as their home, which pleases her. Usman surprises her by dropping on one knee and proposes with a ring while they are working in the living room. In an interview, he says he was happy when she proposed to him, but it wasn't "ideal," so he decided to propose as well.

"He put a ring on it!" She twirls her finger. Afterward, they video chat with an immigration lawyer, who informs them that Usman cannot have multiple wives and retain his green card. He also can't fly back to Nigeria four times a year while they're attempting to acquire it, which would violate Kimberly's marriage deal with his family.

They both weep as they prepare to leave the hotel and travel to the airport, and they share heartfelt kisses as she departs, which is a departure from their customary formal public parting. They're not sure when they'll see each other again. "This trip showed me how much I mean to Usman, but it is really discouraging that our marriage could be in danger, because we still have to figure out this second wife thing," she adds. "I feel like so much of our future is out of our control."


When will '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7, Episode 14 release?

'90 Day Fiance Happily: Ever After?' Season 7, Episode 14 will air on November 27 at 8 pm ET on TLC. New episodes of the show are released every Sunday at the same time. The synopsis for the upcoming episode reads, "Michael confronts Billy about his relationship with Angela; Ed's family corners Liz; Usman makes a shocking proposition; Libby fears Andrei will be deported before the birth; Yara reunites with her friend from Ukraine; Jenny seeks legal advice."

How to watch '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7, Episode 14?

'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 airs live on TLC. Those who don't have a cable connection can watch the show on FuboTV, SlingTV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV. Fans can also catch up with the episodes via Discovery+, which costs $4.99 a month with ads and $6.99 a month ad-free.

What to expect on '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7, Episode 14?

At their second engagement celebration, Liz gets a lot of side looks from Big Ed's relatives. She is terrified by the reception. Likewise, Kimberly video chats with Usman, who has decided to adopt and wants to know who will parent the child. "I’m asking, do you want to raise him?," Usman continues.

Yara wants to stay in Europe for another month while Jovi is at work, but he refuses. "I feel like we came as a family, and we will go home as a family," he says as Yara's mother begins to cry.

Andrei expects Libby to accompany him if he is deported, but she does not want to bear her baby in another country. Sumit is arranging a visit to his parents, and Jenny's daughter wants to accompany them so that Jenny is not chastised.

Angela calls Billy and informs him that Michael is in the room. Michael is enraged at Billy's shocked reaction, and he whisks the cameras away and slams the door.

'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7, Episode 14 will unravel all the drama on Sunday, November 27 at 8/7c on TLC.