Wheatland High School: Viral pic of 8 California teens with painted swastikas sparks fury

The students at this California school have sparked outrage among community members who are demanding action against all who posed for racist pic

                            Wheatland High School: Viral pic of 8 California teens with painted swastikas sparks fury
Eight students of Wheatland Union High School show off Nazi symbols and swastika painted on their chests in social media photo (Twitter)

Trigger Warning: The article mentions incidents of racism

A California school district in Yuba County, California has come under the scanner over a racist photo featuring eight students. The superintendent of the school in question - Wheatland Union High - pushed out a social media post with a statement that reads, "I want to make very clear that our district seeks to educate our students in an environment of respect for each other, for our community and humankind." Superintendent Nicole Newman further added she cannot comment on the racist photo which features eight students with Nazi swastikas painted on their chests. The photo and several other inappropriate social media posts are currently under investigation. 

Racist incidents happening on school and college campuses unfortunately have seen a dangerous surge in the past few years. In November, at least two students from Savage, Minnesota were said to be involved in making a viral racist video that was believed to target Black student Naya Sigin. Read the complete story here. Around the same time, Alabama's Cullman City school board President's kid chanted "white power" and the lack of inaction by the district cause furor among parents who then opened up about rampant racism in the district and highlighted the difficulties of being Black in Alabama. In October, a Kansas City White boy asked a White girl to homecoming with a sign that read, "If I was Black I would be picking cotton. But I', white so I'm picking you for HOCO?" The sign reignited the issue of racism in school and why CRT is necessary. 


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What is Wheatland Union High School doing to address the matter?

The school posted on their Facebook page saying they were investigating multiple social media posts made by students of the school. "The District prohibits any discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying, of any student or staff member." The post further read, "The Wheatland High School District staff, board, students, parents, and community are committed to providing a safe learning environment that promotes academic excellence and responsible citizenship. We will work together in order to ensure the success of all our students and to build an environment where all are respected and treated with dignity."

The post didn't clarify the actions been taken to investigate the high-voltage racism incident causing community members to hit back at the school publicly. It appears like the lid is off and certain other incidents that allegedly took place throughout the district are also being spoken about. A Twitter user posted the unedited photo of the three girls and four boys - all minors - on the platform writing, "This photo was posted to Instagram. Every one of these kids goes to my kid's High School. They know all of them by name." Another tweet revealed that two of these students who posed for this photo are about to have their athletic scholarships revoked. "I have made a few calls. I don't want my kid's sharing rooms with them. Two have athletic scholarships, that will no longer exist." A third tweeted, "Two had athletic scholarships, so their dose of reality is coming fast. One is being raised by a single parent, that I know can't afford to put a kid through college."

A Twitter user demanded, "We can’t tolerate this anymore. I’m sick of excuses for racists, 'they misspoke', 'they didn’t mean it', 'you took it the wrong way', 'you’re being overly sensitive', 'they’re just kids'. Name ‘em and shame ‘em!" Another Twitter user claimed, "I know one of the parents. Single mom. I do blame her, cuz the kid has a Confederate bedspread and belt buckle.." Another tweet read, "I live in Sacramento and heard about this sickening picture on the local news. This is an hour north in a red area. It's shameful and shows their utter ignorance of history. Bad parents, bad schools? There needs to be consequences for this." Another wrote, "Sounds like the district isn’t living up to its mission statement. **Please note-I blame the parents first and foremost, but teachers and coaches have seen this behavior at some point in these students’ actions at school."







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