Kansas City White boy asks White girl to homecoming with 'picking cotton' racist sign

'If I was Black, I would be Picking Cotton, but Im White so Im picking you for Hoco?,' read the boy's sign. The girl crossed of the 'Yes' box

                            Kansas City White boy asks White girl to homecoming with 'picking cotton' racist sign
The sign has attracted a lot of trouble (Twitter)

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: Two White teenagers, as well as their schools in Kansas City, are drawing intense flak after the boy asked the girl to homecoming with a racist sign. The unnamed boy asked the girl out by brandishing a hand-written sign that said, “If I was Black, I would be Picking Cotton, but Im White so Im picking you for Hoco?” The casual reference to "Picking Cotton", a derogatory way to remind Blacks of the painful history associated with slavery, has again reignited the issue of racism in schools and why CRT is necessary. 

The sign also included two boxes alongside a “Yes” and a “No,” and the unnamed girl crossed off the “Yes” box while smiling next to her date. The photo in question has been shared on Twitter by a user named — @byBrandi. She wrote on Twitter, “The smiles here are absolutely sickening and tell me all I need to know about the environment in which these teenagers are raised. Is an adult taking this photo? Did the parents of the girl immediately run this kid off their property and discipline their own child? Likely not imo.”


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According to reports, one of the students attends the private St James' Catholic Academy while the other one goes to Olathe South High School. However, it’s not confirmed yet which student goes to which school. Besides this, the venue for the homecoming dance was also not known. However, Rhonda Windholz, the mother of the girl, came out in her defense and claimed that the invite sign was created by a White girl and a Black boy. She stated, “Caught up in the excitement of being asked to her first ever homecoming, our daughter held the sign that was given to her. It was only after actually comprehending the situation, that she realized what was happening. She blatantly said no!! By then, it was too late.”

Windholz added: “Please know that we have diversity in our own family and believe that all lives matter. We have received many death threats and numerous people have told our daughter to kill herself. The response to this misunderstanding has caused much confusion and pain for many. We sincerely apologize to all who are offended.” Additionally, the schools of the teens have also issued apology letters as a statement from St James Academy read, “We wanted to let you know that we are aware of an offensive post on social media that included an SJA student. We are currently investigating the situation to determine the appropriate next steps.” 

Olathe South Principal Dale Longenecker said: “Earlier this evening, the district was made aware of an offensive post circulating on social media. I felt it was important to share that we are working to thoroughly investigate the situation and contact all parties involved, including student guardians. At Olathe South and in the Olathe Public Schools, we are committed to creating an inclusive and safe environment for ALL our students." Longenecker added, "The type of behavior displayed in the social media post does not meet the expectations of our core values. Any behavior like this will be immediately addressed in accordance with our Student Code of Conduct. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me. As always, thank you for your support of the Falcon community."

But people on Twitter called out the racist invite and a user tweeted, “Beyond disgusting, but most certainly a mere taste of the racism going on in that young person’s home. If this is what they believe is acceptable public behavior, I cringe to think about what they do and say at home behind closed doors.” The second one said, “This is why we NEED CRT...we have a country full of white racists that don't even KNOW they are racist....and they are teaching their kids to be the same way.” “DROP DEAD YOU JEALOUS RACIST PALE/WHITE WITCH! YOU'RE TOO PHYSICALLY INFERIOR & MENTALLY FRAGILE TO PICK COTTON & THAT GOES FOR YOUR ANCESTORS TOO! BLACKS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE SUPERIOR RACE! GO SUNBATHING OR TO A TANNING BOOTH SO YOU CAN GET DARK LIKE US! LM(BLACK)AO,” an enraged tweet read.




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