How much is PJ Washington paying Brittany Renner? 'F**k an athlete' for easy money, she said

How much is PJ Washington paying Brittany Renner? 'F**k an athlete' for easy money, she said
PJ Washington will reportedly pay $200k annually to his ex Brittany Renner annually for the next 18 years in child support (Instagram)

Charlotte Hornets star PJ Washington has agreed on a huge monthly amount in child support. Cashing the check is his baby mama Brittany Renner, an Instagram model who is easily one of the most hated people on the Internet currently. According to reports, Renner will get more than half of Washington's annual earnings from his contract with the basketball team. People on the Internet have once again taken to Twitter to take a swipe at Renner for securing the deal. Washington is being slammed too by people saying he brought this upon himself and hardly deserves sympathy for what he's about to deal with for the next 18 years. 

Speaking of former couples who have engaged in a bitter child support battle publicly, Denise Richards had clapped back at her ex Charlie Sheen in 2020. Sheen had called Richards a 'coward' for claiming he owed her $450K in child support. Richards's primary concern was how Sheen's comments would affect their children. Jeremy Renner's ex-wife called him out for seeking a reduction in child support citing loss of income due to the coronavirus outbreak. Renner had raised concerns that her daughter's "reasonable needs" only amount to $11,200 out of the $30,000 he was paying and wondered where the rest of the money went. 


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What is Brittany Renner's net worth?

Apart from making her money from her career as an Instagram model, Renner had also secured a book deal that was originally out for sale in 2018 for $19.99. "A liberating journey through the life and times of Brittany Renner. This book details the experiences of a woman whom some love and others love to hate. It's a behind-the-scenes look into her life," reads the summary of it on Google. Renner is the owner of a swimwear brand and her pieces range between $29 to $59 dollars and above. Her net worth details have not been made available to the public but according to reports, she has managed to secure a couple of million dollars annually for the next 18 years in child support. Here's what to know about the settlement between her and PJ Washington. 

An old video of Renner talking about her body count is making the rounds on Twitter yet again. In the same video, she was heard advising women who had been experiencing hard times to "f**k an athlete" adding "they are really dumb" and "none of them wear condoms really" suggesting child support is the way to live comfortably. 


How much is PJ Washington going to pay Brittany Renner in child support?

While none of the parties involved have commented on this subject and these claims to be unsubstantiated as of now, an outlet called HoopsBank says Washington will be paying her baby mama $200k annually in child support for the next 18 years. "PJ Washington is now forced to pay $200k/month in child support over the next 18 years. Ex-wife secretly filed for divorce 2 weeks after giving birth to child," the tweet read. Another Twitter user chimed in saying, "According to sources, Brittany Renner is signing an 18 years deal worth $43.2 million w/ PJ Washington. Payouts are $200k/month." Another tweet read, "Free agent G Brittany Renner has agreed to an 18 year $200k/month deal with the LOF (League of Finessers), sources tell ESPN. Brittany Renner is truly devious."





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