Chris Brown and his baby mama get into court battle over child support money

Brown and his daughter Royalty's mother are in a tiff again over child support as she believes he should be paying her a lot more as per California's guidelines.

                            Chris Brown and his baby mama get into court battle over child support money

Looks like Chris Brown's list of woes aren't entirely over yet as the singer is going back to court once again. But this time as a continuation of his child support case. As per latest reports, the mother of his daughter, Royalty, has filed new documents seeking more money from the 29-year-old singer. The Blast reported the news first, detailing the latest developments of the child support case which has managed to set off an explosive battle between Brown and his baby mama, Nia Guzman. As per the latest reports, she recently hired a new lawyer - Lisa Bloom - and filed the documents in California, to modify the amount she receives for her and Brown's four-year-old daughter. 


Currently, the hip-hop star enjoys the privilege of supervised visitation and has to pay $2,500 per month in support, and an additional $4,000 for a nanny - who also happens to be Nia's mother. The documents sow Nia claiming that Brown has earned an average of $4,269,067 in the last two years. It can be broken down to just a little over $350,000 per month. In her revised claims, Nia states that as per the guidelines for child support in California, she should receive around $21,000 plus per month since it's based off income.

In addition to that, she also claims that with that new figure, "she is owed $250,000 in retroactive child support," reports The Blast. For those wondering what Brown thinks of that - well, he thinks it's Nia's crafty masterplan for a money grab and he has every plan of fighting her on the increase. 

But apart from that, Nia has also cited other expenses like "bills, including $3,300 in rent, $3,500 in food and $4,500 in clothes and entertainment for a four-year-old". According to her, things have been so bad that she even had to request a friend for cash just to take Royalty for a day at Six Flags because she couldn't afford it herself. The tight budget doesn't allow her to take Royalty for trips to theme parks like Lego Land and such either, she states. 


The Blast also reported that Nia herself makes around "$400 per month from an online clothing store inspired by Royalty." While the judge assigned to the case agrees with Nia, they couldn't order the new support right away because they have to "review all the financial documents about Brown’s income. A decision could come as early as next week."

But this isn't the first time Brown and Nia have gotten into a tiff over money though; just last year, Nia had filed documents claiming she wasn't able to support Royalty on the initial support money, but later on, dropped the case without receiving the increase.