Did PJ Washington and Brittany Renner break up? Rumors surface as new parents unfollow each other

Charlotte Hornets forward PJ Washington and Brittany Renner recently had a baby together and but now, there seems trouble in paradise

                            Did PJ Washington and Brittany Renner break up? Rumors surface as new parents unfollow each other
PJ Washington and Brittany Renner appear to be on a break or may have broken up (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images, Instagram/bundleofbrittany)

It kind of looks like offseason for NBA players, can also lead to potential stumbling blocks in their relationships. Charlotte Hornets player PJ Washington is not in a good headspace right now, considering his telling tweet on Monday, June 26. Washington wrote in a now-deleted tweet, "You was faking it all along."

Who was he accusing of 'faking it'? All evidence points to the NBA star's girlfriend, Brittany Renner. News of trouble in Washington and model and former Jackson State soccer star Renner's lives comes as a shock. It is surprising since the duo made their relationship official on Instagram less than four months ago when she took to the platform on March 21 to share pictures of her baby bump, embraced lovingly by the basketball player. 


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NBA stars and their love lives have been under scrutiny in recent times. This month, we reported that Clippers guard Patrick Beverley's girlfriend was once allegedly 'stolen' by rapper Drake. Earlier in April, NBA legend Paul Pierce was seen drinking and partying with strippers in a live video, putting the spotlight on his married life. What happened in Washington's case? Here's what we know about Washington and Renner's rumored break up. 

PJ Washington's tweet (Twitter)


Did PJ Washington and Brittany Renner break up?

Washington and Renner have removed all of their pictures together on their respective social media accounts, which indicates that there is serious trouble in paradise. The couple no longer follows each other either, according to a report by Awesemo. Neither will you find any photos of them on each other's Instagram profiles. All of this indicates that they have broken up or are at least on a break. Let’s hope the duo are just taking some time apart. Being new parents can’t be easy. The duo hasn't confirmed anything as yet.

Renner, an Instagram star, became popular a few years ago when she released 'Judge This Cover', a book in which she uses code names for the seven men with whom she had sex, according to Total Pro Sports.  An incident from the book that particularly stands out is her admission that Colin Kaepernick used to make her save her money in order to fly out and see him so they could have sex.The Instagram star was also rumored to have cheated on Washington. As the rumor goes, the NBA star had allegedly posted the screenshot of 'Mad at You', a song by King Vaughn, where he paused at a moment which described a man being cheated on by his girlfriend. 

The couple was expecting their first baby this year. The baby boy was born in May. While neither of them has revealed how they met, reports indicate that they met during the coronavirus lockdown. Washington, on the other hand, had uploaded a handful of Instagram images that fed the speculations long before followers began to wonder about their relationship.

Renner uploaded a picture of herself at a Kentucky game in February 2019 and Washington responded with two emoticons. She published a photo on her Instagram story a year later that appeared to be taken in Washington's residence. She finally put an end to the dating speculations when she announced her relationship with Washington in an Instagram post on her 29th birthday on February 26.

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