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What's the current relationship status of 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 cast members? Here's a look

Keep reading to know what existing cast members' relationship status in the show is as well as what it will be like in the end
'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 contestants (Instagram)
'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 contestants (Instagram)

'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 is serving up new love feuds and heartbreaks each week. Apart from this week's episodes' premiere, there are only three more weeks left for the show. In the finale episode, we will see some of the contestants walking out of the show as a couple, while some will walk out as singles. 

The show has released nine episodes as of now. Things turned upside down for the couples when the show revealed the Casa Amor twist. In this, we saw the breaking of old connections and forming of new ones. However, some stayed loyal to their partners and refused to spark bonds with anyone new. Well, this has brought a lot of confusion in fans' minds. Many are wondering about the current relationship status of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 cast members. Keep reading to know what existing cast members' relationship status in the show is as well as what it will be like in the end.


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What is the relationship status of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 cast members?

There are only a handful of cast members left in the show now. This has led fans to wonder whether these cast members will leave the show engaged or single. Let's dig into the details.

Michael Allio


Michael Allio bonded with Danielle Maltby in the show. Both had a similar past where they lost their partners. Michael lost his wife due to cancer, while Danielle lost her fiance due to a drug overdose. After dating Danielle in the show, Michael accepted that "maybe it's the last first date of my life". The couple is happily together in the show and according to Reality Steve's spoiler, they will leave as a couple.

Danielle Maltby


Michael was pretty sure in Week 4's episodes that he was leaving the show. Thankfully, Danielle was introduced and it saved him from getting eliminated. They instantly hit it off and their bond is speculated to grow stronger ahead.

Jacob Rapini


Jacob Rapini first sparked a connection with Jill Chin. This led many to believe that he might leave the show will Jill. But, later things changed as the Casa Amor twist arrived. He clarified with Jill in the recently released episode that he wanted to take his relationship forward with Kate Gallivan. Jacob said, "I felt a stronger pull to Kate." However, in the upcoming episode, we will see Kate leaving Jacob and chasing someone else, leading to Jacob leaving the show without any partner.

Kate Gallivan


In the Casa Amor twist, we saw Jacob and Kate kissing each other. Moreover, Jacob telling Jill that he wanted to pursue his bond with Kate and then Jill going home led everyone to believe that Kate might end up with Jacob. Well, the opposite will happen. According to reports, she will spark a connection with Logan Palmer ahead and leave Jacob. However, Logan and Kate will break up and will not leave the show as a couple. 

Rodney Mathews


Rodney Mathews and Lace Morris had a connection in the show, but the couple took no time to split. After new contestants were introduced to the show, Rodney bonded with Eliza Isichei. Because of this, Lace self-eliminated and left the show. However, according to reports, Rodney will get eliminated after breaking up with Eliza.

Justin Glaze


Justin Glaze was once again introduced in the show. He is seen forming a connection with Eliza, therefore leading to a love triangle. In the upcoming rose ceremony where Eliza will have to choose between Rodney and Justin, she gives her rose to Rodney. Indeed, he will self-eliminate and walk out without any partner. 

Shanae Ankey


Shanae and Logan connected with each other at first. However, Shanae is later shut down by Logan. Seeing Logan spark a connection with Kate, Shanae lashed out in anger and said, "Kate's disgusting, and Logan is straight gutter trash". Until now, she has no connection, but she might find someone in the upcoming episodes.

Logan Palmer

Logan and Shanae had a connection in the show until Kate was introduced in the Casa Amor twist. Logan left Shanae claiming that her "juggling between two men" attitude was hurtful to him. Now, Logan is looking forward to going ahead in the show with Kate. According to the reports, the couple will break up in the end.

Aaron Clancy


Aaron Clancy was once among the few who remained faithful to his connection. Even the Casa Amor twist was not able to break his bond with Genevieve Parisi. However, according to reports, Aaron and Genevieve will break up in the end and will not leave the show as a couple.

Genevive Parisi


Similar to Aaron, Genevive was also committed. Even after a cruel separation, the couple remains unseparated. Their bond will be growing stronger ahead. However, the couple will not end up being engaged in the end.

Tyler Norris


Tyler Norris is the new entry to the show. He found the "wow factor" in Brittany Galvin. Tyler also went on a date with Shanae but he wasn't able to connect strongly with her as compared to Brittany. In the end, we will see Tyler and Brittany leaving the show as a couple.

Brittany Galvin


Brittany had a connection with Andrew and Tyler in Paradise. However, she cut to the chase after the Casa Amor twist and clarified with Andrew that she wanted to take her relationship ahead with Tyler. We will further see the couple bonding together. Moreover, their relationship will continue till the end.

Johnny DePhillipo


Johnny DePhillipo connected with Victoria in the show. However, seeing Victoria being concerned about him being younger than her, he got disappointed thinking they might split. However, it will not happen. Even though Victoria is confused about whether to choose Johnny or Alex, she will go ahead with Johnny. According to the reports, they will get engaged in the end.

Victoria Fuller


Victoria Fuller met Alex in the Casa Amor twist. She finds him amazing but at the same time also has a connection with Johnny and doesn't want to break his heart. Keeping her connection with Alex, she will choose Johnny to go forward with ahead.

Brandon Jones


The absence of Serene in the last episode made Brandon get more attracted to her. He is certain that he wants to date no one else and wants to take his relationship forward with Serene. According to reports, the couple will get engaged in the end.

Serene Russell


Serene Russell confesses in the last released episode, "I am in love with Brandon Jones". She further claims, "And I can see an engagement at the end of this". Well, it will happen to them.

Jessenia Cruz


Jessenia Cruz left everyone wondering whether she want to go ahead with Tyler after she grabbed him for a chat. But, clearly, Tyler is with Brittany and Jessenia will be seen moving ahead with Andrew Spencer in the show. 

Andrew Spencer


Andrew ended up having a date with Jessenia in the recently released episode. Even though Andrew hesitated at first, he later opened up about having feelings for Jessenia. Indeed, they are a couple now. It is not yet confirmed whether they will remain the same till the end.

'Bachelor in Paradise' airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm on ABC.