What are Bryan and Sarah Baeumler's net worth? Inside HGTV couple's fortune

Despite their flourishing construction business, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler decided to leave their cozy lives in Canada and move to the Bahamas

                            What are Bryan and Sarah Baeumler's net worth? Inside HGTV couple's fortune
'Renovation Island' stars Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)

It's no secret that renovation projects are expensive. So, watching HGTV hosts and homeowners drop some big money to renovate their properties doesn't shock fans anymore. However, when fans heard that HGTV's 'Renovation Island' hosts Bryan and Sarah Baeumler shelled out a whopping $10M to purchase and renovate an old, abandoned, rundown hotel in the Bahamas with plans of converting it into a swanky luxury resort, they had several questions. One of the biggest questions on everybody's minds was where were the Baeumlers getting the money from?

Season 1 of 'Renovation Island' featured Bryan and Sarah racing against time to complete their ambitious renovation project. So when the season ended with the Baeumlers opening the doors to their swanky resort, fans were very excited to see how the HGTV hosts' business venture would pan out. Unfortunately, before Bryan and Sarah even had any chance to enjoy the opening day celebrations, they had to briefly shut down the resort, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. This meant that the Baeumlers' business prospects took a huge hit. Despite several setbacks, the Baeumlers have still managed to maintain a pretty impressive net worth with an estimated $20M in their bank! Read on to know about Bryan and Sarah's net worth.


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What is Bryan and Sarah Baeumler's net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler share a net worth of $20M. So, if just like us you too are curious about how the Baeumlers managed to amass such a massive fortune, then we got you covered. Today Bryan and Sarah may be familiar faces on HGTV, thanks to their several hit shows like 'Disaster DIY', 'House of Bryan', 'Leave it to Bryan' and 'Renovation, Inc.', but Bryan was already raking in some serious dough way before he set foot into the lucrative world of reality television. 

Bryan was initially keen on pursuing a career in law after getting his degree in political science and business from the University of Western Ontario. However, his interest in construction and engineering eventually led him to divert his focus. He ran an air cargo business in Vancouver from the mid-'90s through the early 2000s. He also did some contracting work on the side. He later launched a home construction business, which paved the way to his glorious career as an HGTV host. 


He made his debut in 2007 with 'Disaster DIY' on HGTV Canada, where he helped rectify failed do-it-yourself attempts by aspiring renovators. His wife Sarah also started to be featured on his later shows such as 'House of Bryan', 'Leave it to Bryan', and 'Bryan, Inc'. While Bryan focussed on the construction and operational side of the renovation, Sarah was responsible for designing and decorating the space. The couple's work soon began to be recognized, which made them even more popular. 

Despite their growing popularity and flourishing construction business, the couple decided to leave their cozy lives in Canada behind and moved to the Bahamas. The couple's entrepreneurial spirit took over them, as they wanted to dip their toes into the hospitality industry by opening their own luxury resort in the Caribbean islands. Despite shelling out $10 million, and the pandemic getting in the way of drawing in more business, the couple seems to be doing just fine thanks to their other sources of income, such as their HGTV shows. 


How much do Baeumlers earn from 'Renovation Island'?

Distractify estimated that HGTV might have paid at least $650,000 for the first season of 'Renovation Island'. The outlet broke down the calculations by pointing out how the stars who appear on reality TV shows are paid by the production companies that film the show. These production companies in turn are paid by the network. But Bryan and Sarah Baeumler managed to trim away a lot of expenses, as they themselves own the production company that films their show — Bryland Entertainment. The outlet also pointed out that the exact cost could fluctuate "depending on how streamlined Bryan's company was able to get the filming process down, or because of the show's high ratings". Considering 'Renovation Island' managed to do really well by drawing in large viewership and ratings, Bryan could be pocketing a lot more money for the upcoming Season 2.

Also with the travel restrictions gradually being lifted, the Bauemlers' resort might soon be able able to eventually help the HGTV hosts not only recover all the money they invested into renovating the property but also make some decent profit.


'Renovation Island' Season 2 premieres on Sunday, June 20, at 8/7c on HGTV.