'Renovation Island': Bryan and Sarah drop $10M to buy abandoned resort, fans ask where's the money coming from

'Renovation Island': Bryan and Sarah drop $10M to buy abandoned resort, fans ask where's the money coming from
Sarah and Brayn Baeumler (HGTV)

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler decided to spice up their life by moving their family to a remote island in the Bahamas. The couple risked everything to take on this ambitious project of renovating an old, rundown resort.  But their ambitious plan also turns out to be an extremely pricey one. In the pilot episode of 'Renovation Island', Bryan revealed that the couple dropped a whopping $10 million to purchase the abandoned, rundown ocean-front resort.

When fans learned that the couple spent such an outrageous amount of money to buy the resort, they couldn't help but wonder where the couple was getting all their money from. A fan tweeted, "Started watching #RenovationIsland and am already annoyed. Who just has $10 million dollars laying around to buy an abandoned hotel in the Bahamas and renovate it? @hgtv." Another fan wrote, "Whatching #RenovationIsland fascinating and yet, where is all the money coming from to back this effort up!"

Later, Bryan revealed that the couple sold everything they owned and invested all their saving and emptied their kids' college funds to purchase the resort. When the Baeumlers finally arrive at the resort, the resort looked way worse than they had anticipated. The entire structure was rusted, termites-infested and lacked even basic amenities like electricity. After watching the resort, fans felt that the couple had been robbed. A fan shared, "$10 million? think they got robbed #RenovationIsland."

'Renovation Island' follows Bryan and Sarah's adventures as they work on renovating their newly acquired resort from an old, rundown resort to a swanky, luxurious resort for the tourists. The resort which is spread across a sprawling 10-acre property boasts of 18 luxurious hotel rooms, 22 ocean-front villas, and pools. The couple face a lot of challenges and struggles as they try to convert the place into their dream destination. As Bryan and Sarah constantly keep repeating, they are risking everything- both financially and emotionally, to make their dream come true. We can't wait to see if the couple will manage to renovate the resort within the six months deadline they set for themselves, and how it will all pan out.


'Renovation Island' airs every Sunday at 8 pm only on HGTV. 

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