'Renovation Island' Preview: Bryan and Sarah gear up to welcome their first guests

'Renovation Island' Preview: Bryan and Sarah gear up to welcome their first guests
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)

After toiling for months with the renovation work, Sarah and Bryan Baeumler are finally ready to open the gates of their newly renovated island resort Caerula Mar Club in the Bahamas. In the preview clip released for the upcoming episode of 'Renovation Island' titled 'Race to the Alter', we see Bryan and Sarah giving finishing touches to their swanky new resort ahead of the arrival of their first entourage of guests.

But nothing ever goes as planned for Sarah and Bryan. With the guests' arrival just hours away, Bryan notices that the outdoor furniture laid out is wrong. He finds a lot of errors in the way it has been set up. He points it out to Sarah, who begins getting anxious on noticing such a huge error. We see Bryan and Sarah rushing to lay out the furniture the right way while preparing to welcome their guests.

In his confessional, Bryan reveals that everybody is very nervous as they are finally opening the gates to their resort and they all want to give the best experience to their guests. The first set of guests happens to be a wedding party. So, Bryan and Sarah have the added pressure of not just ensuring that the resort is perfect for their guests but also making sure that the wedding day is memorable for the couple and their guests.

'Renovation Island' follows Bryan and Sarah's adventures as they work on renovating their newly acquired resort from an old, rundown place to a swanky, luxurious resort for tourists. The resort, which is spread across a sprawling 10-acre property, boasts of 18 luxurious hotel rooms, 22 ocean-front villas and pools. The couple is faced with a lot of challenges and struggles as they try to convert the place into their dream destination. As Bryan and Sarah constantly keep repeating, they are risking everything — both financially and emotionally — to make their dream come true. We can't wait to see how the guests feel about the months' worth of hard work and labor that Bryan and Sarah have put into renovating the resort. 

'Renovation Island' airs every Sunday at 8/7c only on HGTV. 

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