'Renovation Island': Bryan and Sarah should've 'passed on' resort deal as fans say Covid-19 will spoil it all

Fans began listing out the reasons as to why Sarah and Bryan shouldn't have purchased the old, abandoned resort in Bahamas

                            'Renovation Island': Bryan and Sarah should've 'passed on' resort deal as fans say Covid-19 will spoil it all
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)

All the cards are stacked against Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, as they embark on renovating an old, rundown resort in the Bahamas. After shelling out a whopping $10 million to purchase an abandoned oceanfront resort in a remote island named Andros in the Bahamas, the couple has to now take on the ambitious project of renovating the inhabitable resort into a luxurious tourist hotspot.

The couple has already jumped through many hoops even before they began their renovation work. They drained all their saving, their kids' college funds, etc to fund their ambitious plan and this was followed by uprooting the whole family to an alien, unknown country. But their struggles were far from over after arriving on the island. As they walked around their newly acquired 10-acre property they noticed a lot of corrosions, damages and even termites. 

Although the couple seemed determined to take on the challenge head-on, fans felt otherwise. Several fans expressed that the couple shouldn't have bought the resort. They had several reasons to explain why the couple might have made a wrong choice in buying the property- from the hefty price tag of renovating the resort to the pandemic which would eventually wreak havoc on their business.

A fan tweeted, "#RenovationIsland I think they should've passed on this deal." Another fan pointed out, "There are so many things that are not going to go well for these people...1. It’s Bahamas nothing is easy to build - 3x the cost original budget 2. There’s nothing on Andros. 3. No dock/marina nearby.. the only success is it’s on hgtv so great marketing!#RenovationIsland."

Although the show and the renovation was completed before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, fans felt that the ongoing pandemic would have adversely impacted their business. A fan shared, "All I can think of as I watch it is that even if they make some of it habitable, the pandemic gonna break the whole plan. #RenovationIsland." Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "Lmao these people really bought and renovated an island resort and then COVID hit  #RenovationIsland." 

"#RenovationIsland All this time and money spent only for it to be obliterated when another Category 5 hurricane hits the Bahamas. What a waste!," expressed a fan.

'Renovation Island' airs every Sunday at 8 pm only on HGTV. 

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