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What day and time will 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 21 release? And everything else you need to know

Gordon Ramsay comes back with 18 new faces, divided in two different groups
UPDATED SEP 13, 2022
'Hell's Kitchen' Season 21 host Gordon Ramsay (Instagram/hellskitchenfox)
'Hell's Kitchen' Season 21 host Gordon Ramsay (Instagram/hellskitchenfox)

Fox’s 'Hell’s Kitchen' is a famous American reality cooking show. The show is hosted by famous chef Gordon Ramsay. Contestants of the 'Hell’s Kitchen' are presented with various challenges by the chef. The elimination takes place as per the performance in the challenges. In the end, a single contestant is awarded the prize money and is given the opportunity to hang their photograph at the restaurant’s entrance.

Fox is back with another round of fiery battle for the chefs. A set of contestants will once again challenge their fate and try to impress Ramsay with their unique cooking style and taste. Ramsay is portrayed as the foul-mouthed chef on the show who lashes out at the contestants even for their smallest of mistakes. Keep reading to know what new is to come ahead. In the meantime you can watch ‘Top Chef’, ‘Chopped’, and ‘American Barbecue Showdown’.

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When does 'Hell’s Kitchen' Season 21 release?

'Hell’s Kitchen' Season 21 is scheduled to release on Thursday, September 29 at 8 pm ET/PT on Fox.

How can I watch 'Hell’s Kitchen'?

Besides watching the show on Fox, there are various other channels where you can tune in to binge the season’s premiere. In case you don’t have a cable connection, you can opt for platforms like YouTube TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and Hulu with Live TV. Moreover, one can also watch previous seasons of the show on Paramount Plus.

Who stars in 'Hell’s Kitchen' Season 21?

Season 21 of 'Hell’s Kitchen' will once again see Ramsay as the chef of the show. Along with him come, 18 contestants. These contestants are divided in two groups as per their age group. The first one is ’40-somethings’ of the blue and the second one is ’20-somethings’ of the red team.

40-Somethings contestants

Alex Belew


Alex Belew is from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He is a 41-year-old former restaurant owner.

Tara Ciannella

Tara Ciannella lives in Congers, New York. Ciannella is a private chef and caterer.

Nicole Gomez


Nicole Gomez lives in Los Angeles, California. Gomez is a private chef.

Zeus Gordiany

Zeus Gordiany lives in Milford, Delaware. Gordiany is an executive chef.

Mindy Livengood


Mindy Livengood, 42, is a caterer who lives in Liberty Township, Ohio.

O’Shay Lolley


O’Shay Lolley, 42, lives in New Castle, Delaware, and is an executive chef by profession.

Abe Sanchez

Abe Sanchez, 42, is a Texas native who works as an executive chef.

Charlene Sherman


Charlene Sherman, 40, is a private chef whose homeland is in Worland, Wyoming.

Billy Trudsoe

Billy Trudsoe, 40, is a head chef whose hometown is in Melbourne, Florida.

20-Somethings contestants 


Brett Binninger-Schwartz

Brett Binninger-Schwartz, 26, is an executive chef. He is from Dublin, Ohio.

Vlad Briantsev

Vlad Briantsev, 26, is a sous chef who is from Chicago, Illinois.

Ileana D’Silva

Ileana D’Silva, 23, is also a sous chef from Gloucester, Virginia.

Dafne Mejia

Dafne Mejia, 29, is a Los Angeles, California native who works as an executive chef.

Alejandro Najar

Alejandro Najar, 29, is an executive chef who has a hometown in Barberton, Ohio.

Cheyenne Nichols

Cheyenne Nichols, 21, is the youngest among all. Nichols lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

Alyssa Osinga

Alyssa Osinga, 23, is from Chicago, Illinois, and works as a line cook.

Sommer Sellers

Sommer Sellers, 24, is a lead line cook whose hometown is in Brooklyn, New York.

Sakari Smithwick

Sakari Smithwick, 24, is from New York and works as a pop-up chef.

What is 'Hell’s Kitchen' Season 21 all about?

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 21 is titled ‘Battle of the Ages’. As the name itself suggests, the battle in this season will be between people of different ages. There will be two groups, one of the ones who are in their 40s, and another of the ones who are in their 20s. They will have to face different cooking challenges, either individually or in groups. And, the one who survives till the end will win the title of the show.

What is the buzz around 'Hell’s Kitchen' Season 21?


The official description of the new season reads, "Gordon Ramsay is back in Las Vegas, home to five of Ramsay’s restaurants, including the world’s first Gordon Ramsay ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ restaurant at Caesars Palace." The synopsis further says that the contestants not only have grand money and title at stake in this season, but they also have a head chef position to battle for at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Paris Las Vegas.