Inside Bob Saget's final moments: New images show hotel room after actor's death

Inside Bob Saget's final moments: New images show hotel room after actor's death
Newly released body camera footage has shown comedian Bob Saget's hotel room (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

New images and body camera footage from the Orange County Sheriff's Office's investigation into comedian Bob Saget's death have been published. The video starts with deputies knocking on the incorrect hotel room door before recognizing their mistake, according to the bodycam video taken on January 9.

The footage then shows deputies entering Saget's hotel room with the door slightly pushed open. After Saget was taken from the scene, pictures from the investigation revealed his hotel room. According to the various items present in the shower and a used towel in the bathtub in photos of the bathroom, it was concluded by the investigators that the comedian had showered before his death. Saget's luggage was reported as being neatly stacked inside the bedroom.

The king-size bed in which Bob Saget was found dead, complete with white sheets and a padded headboard (Orange County Sheriff's Office)


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According to The New York Times, Saget died after a head injury caused by a backward fall, as per the medical examiner's report. The fractures in Saget's eye sockets and bleeding around his brain, according to an OCSO investigation released last week, might have been caused by his hitting 'something hard, covered by something soft.'

Police found an empty vodka bottle and an empty orange juice bottle inside a trash can in Bob Saget's room (Orange County Sheriff's Office)
Bob Saget's cell phone was found on the nightstand to the right of the bed ( Orange County Sheriff's Office)

Various photos of the bedroom area depict the king-size bed in which Saget was found dead, complete with white sheets and a cream padded headboard. The incident report notes that the padded headboard by the bed, as well as the room’s carpet seemed much more likely surfaces that he would’ve hit, because the sharp edges of the others “would have lacerated the skin.”

“As mentioned earlier, most of the suite was carpeted. The headboard of the bed was lightly padded and set slightly out from the wall. These are listed here as possible mechanisms of injury, but nothing was located in the room that allows for a definitive conclusion,” the incident report said.

However, the room's carpeted floor and cushioned headboard, both of which were indicated as prospective injury sites, were seen as blood-free in the photos that were released. And strangely enough, no blood had been recovered anywhere in the suite. In a trash can near the room's bar, a 1.75 ounce Grey Goose bottle was discovered beside a small empty container of orange juice. According to police documents acquired by The Sun, one of the bar's glasses looked to have been used. 

Bob's Saget's clothes were placed neatly on the bureau in the bedroom and hanging in the closet (Orange County Sheriff's Office)


Most of the suite was carpeted (Orange County Sheriff's Office)

However, experts also ruled out the use of drugs or alcohol as a factor, citing 'blunt force injuries to the head,' which included abrasions to the scalp and fractures to the base of the skull. According to TMZ, the hotel attendant also told authorities that 'he did not see evidence of slurred speech, balance issues, or anything else that caused him concern.' Saget was on the road for his 'I Don't Do Negative Comedy Tour' when he died.

The bathtub in Bob Saget's Florida hotel suite pictured in crime scene photos taken immediately after his death (Orange County Sheriff's Office)

His death shocked his global fan base and perplexed his bereaved wife Kelly Rizzo, who said her husband was in the best condition he'd ever been. A judge granted Saget's family's plea to temporarily halt the release of any images, video, or other information relevant to the inquiry into his death, citing the risk of irreparable injury.

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