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What is #AmalaRacist? Doja Cat dragged into horrid 'cotton picker' scandal

Twitter has erupted into fury against an account called 'Amala' and Doja Cat fans were worried it was another chatroom controversy
UPDATED JUL 18, 2021
Doja Cat poses backstage for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp)
Doja Cat poses backstage for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp)

Twitter trends can often be misleading but trust fan accounts for all the juicy deets. In a similar new trend that emerged on the social media platform on July 17, Twitter users were left absolutely confused about who or what the hashtag #AmalaRacist is. Still topping US charts when it comes to Twitter trends, the hashtag has around 5,000 tweets with users frantically searching for the context or reasoning behind it.

To some, it looked like rapper Doja Cat was in trouble again. Others assumed Vice President Kamala Harris was being slammed again as a racist. But turns out it was neither. For those digging through the interwebs looking for an explanation on who AmalaRacist is, look no further. A deep dive down the hashtag on Twitter reveals it was a fan account allegedly being racist to Black people, calling them "cotton pickers".


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What is #AmalaRacist?

The hashtag has been reigning along with Bella Swan on Twitter as users are still scrambling through the website to figure out who AmalaRacist is or what it potentially means. Shedding ample light on the situation was Twitter user @lovely_jongho, who shared a screenshot of the alleged account, tweeting: "If y’all follow this account unfollow them. She came in a space and call (us) cotton pickers #AmalaRacist".


The screenshot showed the profile of Twitter user @amalarowe with close to 1100 followers on the platform. This Amala's bio describes them as a "Fan account [sic] not affiliated with any celebrity!!" They also describe themselves as "full time kitten", from "camp sza" meaning they are a fan of the rapper, and the words "bardi gang [sic]" hint at their fondness for Cardi B. 'Amala' describes themselves as trans and their pronouns are "she/her" with both their profile picture and cover photo displaying photos of Cardi B.

Other Twitter users also shed further insights on the offensive slurs allegedly dropped by the fan account, with @Zora94535648 elaborating: "ppl who's counfused amala is a WHITE PERSON who lied about being a black person and she was saying the slurs to other black ppl and tried doxxing a black girl to fight with her #AmalaRacist." But mostly people were confused, and some were concerned that this hashtag was about Doja Cat's past instances of anti-Black racism.


Is #AmalaRacist about Doja Cat?

Soon as the hashtag began gaining traction, most Twitter users assumed it was about Doja Cat, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini. The fan account being slammed currently probably used the rapper's real name as a tribute to her, but it's Doja Cat's past instances with alleged racism that spurred the Internet to jump to conclusions. Back in 2018, Doja Cat was canceled when an alleged video of the half South African rapper showed her stripping for white men in alt-right chatrooms online.

Doja Cat was also slammed when one of her earliest songs 'Dindu Nuffin' resurfaced and people called out the title of the song as it is an offensive slur used by law enforcement authorities for Black victims of police brutality. But the severe backlash for both incidents was met with steady defense from Doja Cat fans who provided further screenshots to unsubstantiate the validity of those racism claims. From #DojaCatisOverParty to #WeAreSorryDojaCat — the shift in people's allegiance happened within a short 24 hours in May last year. Yet, a full year later, the hashtag #AmalaRacist had people wondering if the rapper had managed to get embroiled in another controversy.

Doja Cat is seen arriving at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards on May 27, 2021 in Los Angeles, California (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

One user shared "i thought doja was in another tinychat scandal #AmalaRacist" Another shared a photo of a displeased Nicki Minaj staring at her phone, with the caption: "doja looking at the tag knowing it’s not another scandal" Some users quipped: "I know doja’s management heart going to drop when they see this tag" Another user sighed with relief, tweeting: "Chile the way my heart ALMOST DROPED thinking this is was about doja the war flashbacks !!!!!!





Some Twitter users also thought this was about Veep Kamala Harris. After user @Zora94535648 shared a full account of 'Amala's racist tirade, one user replied: "Thank you for the context. I was really confused. Thought it had something to do with VP Harris." Another chimed in saying: "Genuinely thought it was originally a jab at Kamala Harris at first." Thankfully, it's not the veep. Neither is it about Doja Cat, in case fans were still worried