#WeAreSorryDoja trends day after Doja Cat was canceled, internet says racist slur allegations were baseless

Doja Cat has been trending on Twitter yet again but this time, people are apologizing to her for their mean tweets

                            #WeAreSorryDoja trends day after Doja Cat was canceled, internet says racist slur allegations were baseless
Doja Cat (Getty Images)

Doja Cat had become the talk of the town after she started trending on Twitter yesterday (May 22). Twitter started trending with #DojaCatIsOverParty after it was revealed that the singer had joined a chat room and had made some racist comments. Some people claimed that the remarks were directed towards the black community and the singer had hinted she did not want to be part of the community herself. 

They were quick to start the hashtag that soon got the support of many and started trending. However, a day later, it seems like the truth has finally come out. Twitter has been buzzing with the hashtag #WeAreSorryDoja after they were not able to find the evidence to support these claims. After one entire day, fans were quick to find out that these accusations were baseless as there was no actual proof of her stating these things about the community. Meanwhile, others who had been on the same chat, came to her defense stating that an incident such as this had never happened. 

One fan tweeted all the screenshots of people who had joined the chat on the day when Doja was there. One of them pointed out that it is a chat where random people meet and talk. While the user admitted Doja was also present, she revealed the singer had not mentioned anything controversial on the day when she was part of the chat. Another screenshot showed that Doja did not say anything racist and was busy vaping as she played with a fake "AR rifle". While another wrote that even though it was strange to see a celebrity hang out with normal people, she didn't do anything wrong. The tweet further called the entire accusation a "whack". 

Fans were quick to realize that the singer did not do anything wrong. They knew the only wat to mend this was by making #WeAreSorryDoja trend on Twitter. After receiving all the heat for something she didn't do, fans thought it was best to send some love her way. "Just gonna come back periodically to say #dojacatisNOToverparty #wearesorrydoja because yall ‘canceled’ Doja before doing ANY research. Really just proves yall don’t give a s**t about anyone/anything. Clownery Luv," read one comment. Another added, "And this is why we don’t jump to conclusions ladies." A third commented, "#WeAreSorryDoja people love to jump to conclusions before know all the facts or just because they are bored, 'canceled culture' is a plague that needs to be addressed. People need to stop and listen and not make presumptions themselves and believe in them."

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