Wendy Williams plans to fire 'whole staff' on her show for 'betraying' her

Wendy Williams believes her whole staff has been gossiping behind her back about her mental and physical conditions

                            Wendy Williams plans to fire 'whole staff' on her show for 'betraying' her
Wendy Williams speaks to the audience at The Bryant Park Reading Room on May 15, 2013 in New York City (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Wendy Williams is about to make a return to her talk show and inside sources have revealed to The Sun that the host is planning on firing her entire staff. The source stated that she "believes the staff has all betrayed her and if she comes back, she wants to completely clean the house." The insider added, "She actually wants to fire the whole staff."

In further conversation about the TV show hostess, the insiders revealed that Wendy has grown considerably paranoid about what her staff has been talking about while she was away on her long hiatus due to medical reasons.  

"She is paranoid about the staff gossiping about her and delusional in the idea that that cleaning house could even happen. It's like she's trying to hold people hostage and is saying I will only return if everyone is fired, but there is no way it could or would happen. In the meantime, the source noted that the entire staff has lost any faith in her and in the possibility of her ever returning. She can't come back and work with this staff. She doesn't trust them and she can't do a show that way. And they don't trust her, since she hasn't been there in five months with no tangible info or updates coming from her or her team," the informant said, elaborating the situation between Wendy and her talk show staff. 


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TV personality Wendy Williams attends the 2019 NYWIFT Muse Awards at the New York Hilton Midtown on December 10, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for New York Women in Film & Television)

Wendy stopped appearing on her daytime talk show after season 13 of the show premiered on October 2020. The TV hostess was put under psychological care after she displayed a series of erratic behavior on the home sets of her talk show. Her talk show staff who were present at the time of filming had revealed to news outlets that Wendy was purportedly inebriated on the sets of the show and even during filming. Williams often appeared live dressed only in a robe and viewers even noticed her slurring her words at times. 

Williams also recently visited her brother Thomas Williams Jr, who posted about the visit in a Facebook group saying that his sister is 'doing great' and had handled her physical and psychological issues well.  "I'm on the outside looking in just like you all. She's not gone folks, she is just recalibration go. If Wendy weren't doing well, I wouldn't be sitting here smilin,." Tommy added.