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'Welcome to Plathville' Season 4: Fans say Kim passed Olivia the 'Torch of Manipulation'

Although Season 4 sees Ethan and Olivia in a better place, fans still believe that her Season 3 actions make her the 'villain'
UPDATED MAY 18, 2022
Ethan and Olivia Plath on 'Welcome to Plathville' Season 4 (TLC)
Ethan and Olivia Plath on 'Welcome to Plathville' Season 4 (TLC)

For long time fans of 'Welcome To Plathville', one thing is for sure, the Plath family has come a long way. From Kim and Barry controlling their kids' lives to Ethan, Micah and Moriah breaking free, the Plaths are now moving in a very different direction.

Ethan and Olivia struggled to make their marriage work all through Season 3. With Kim and Barry weighing down on Olivia early on, it affected their marriage to a point where it seemed beyond repair.

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Having mode to Tampa, Olivia and Ethan are now doing much better than before. Seeing that they were extremely close to getting a divorce, the pair have now reconciled and are back to living together. However, Ethan did note that life in Tampa wasn't all roses; he still struggled with making friends and more. Whereas concerning his relationship with his parents, he still hasn't spoken to them, and that might not change anytime soon. Going into the new season, fans are still not a fan of Olivia and haven't been able to look past all that went down in Season 3.  

"Olivia's one of those people who prey on people who are better than her but who dont realize that theyre better than her … like Moriah. #WelcomeToPlathville" tweeted a fan. "Olivia saw a herd of endless high tier supply to manipulate when she came across the famous Plaths. Already conditioned by Kim, Olivia probably couldnt believe her luck. #welcometoplathville" added another. "I'm sorry but I feel Olivia is a toxic entitled brat. She flipped the script on the parents to make them feel like the bad guys. She turned Ethan against them and is the reason they're so divided. The parents aren't perfect but they're not bad people! Smh #welcometoplathville" said a fan.

"#Ethan you don't know when your parents will leave this world either so get it together and stop allowing #Olivia to divide your family. #welcometoplathville @TLC" tweeted a family. "That last talk in the yard was actually Kim passing the Torch of Manipulation to Olivia. #WelcomeToPlathville" added a fan. "Olivia is the villain of #welcometoplathville, this is a fact and it's not in dispute…"







'Welcome To Plathville' Season 4 airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET/PT on TLC.

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