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Was Wi Spa transphobic video fake? LAPD sources say there is no proof of 'naked man' incident

The woman, who alleged that the spa allowed a naked “man” to enter the women's section, still maintains her stand despite the lack of evidence
Screenshots from the viral video showing the staff member of Wi Spa and the woman who complained (Instagram/ @cubanaangel)
Screenshots from the viral video showing the staff member of Wi Spa and the woman who complained (Instagram/ @cubanaangel)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A video shared online in late June in which a woman was seen confronting a staff member at Wi Spa for allegedly allowing a naked “man” to enter a female-only section and expose his penis to young girls. It has been said that the “man” identified as a woman.

In no time, the three-minute and 25-second long clip went viral, sparking violent protests last week. The video was shared by Instagram user @cubanaangel. However, now it’s been speculated that the incident may have been “staged.”


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Was the transphobic video fake?

A report by the Los Angeles Blade stated that anonymous sources within the LAPD said that they did not find any proof to confirm the woman’s claim in the video. The sources claim that they were unable to find any evidence to support the allegation that a transgender person was present on that day. Another source at the Los Angeles spa also told the newspaper that no appointment was fixed on that day by any of their usual transgender clients.


The outlet reported that the social media page -- @cubanaangel -- that shared the video of the incident online boasts “Christ Is King” and shares other Christian memes frequently. This raises the question of why this woman went to Wi Spa, which popularly caters to the LGBTQ community. Also, not a single transgender person was seen in the viral footage. The woman did not even bother to confront the person in question while recording the video. In addition to these doubts, no other witness has reportedly come forward to confirm the woman's allegation.

Meanwhile, the woman has continued to maintain her stand and also started a website to fight her cause. In a recent video posted on the Instagram account of Marc Little, whose bio read “Christian & Pastor”, she was seen holding a press conference. During the conference, @cubanaangel urged people to fight for the rights of women and children. She also asked them to visit and insisted that Wi Spa has a history of such cases, where men were allowed inside the women's only section.


The caption of the Instagram post read: “@cubanaangel stood today against unjust laws that make grandmothers, mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, and daughters unsafe in public bathrooms, washrooms, and especially the saunas and showers of #wispa in Los Angeles. No one should rest until we stand together and protect women and children (especially little girls). Visit and join the fight.” It also quoted another woman -- username @realangelastanton -- that stated: “As the mother of a Transgender son it is of the upmost importance that the rights of women and children are not violated. Under no circumstances should a man identifying as a woman have more rights than natural born women and girls.” However, the page is not available now. 

Several people showed their support in the comment section of the post. A user wrote, “Amen my friend.. Asking God to protect you and others will stand along side you.. so thankful for you..” Another one added, “From Scotland, thank you, we are fighting this deranged ideology here too. Our laws are all being changed to self ID, women expressing gender critical views are being arrested in front of their young children. We are fighting too, you give us inspiration. #womenwontwheesht.”