Wi Spa: Another woman claims naked 'person with penis' got into hot tub with her daughter in 2020

LA's Wi Spa has been in the news after it allowed a trans woman to walk naked in the women's arena

                            Wi Spa: Another woman claims naked 'person with penis' got into hot tub with her daughter in 2020
Screengrab of the video in which the woman described her ordeal at Wi Spa (YouTube/ forpromotionalsemail)

Another woman has come forward to share her unpleasant experience at Koreatown's Wi Spa in LA, which has found itself embroiled in controversy for the past few days. The woman, who didn't identify herself, went to a protest that happened outside the spa on Saturday, July 3, after a transgender woman apparently walked naked in a women's-only area. Sharing her story on YouTube as well as Twitter, the woman wrote, “WiSpa Jan 2020. A person* with penis and beard entered the hot tub naked with my 6yr old daughter. I made a video. This happened to me.”

Her story came out after a video of a woman raising her voice against a ‘man’ went viral in late June. In that video, the anonymous woman had claimed that a 'man' walked around while exposing his penis in the women's section of the spa. However, in the latest video -- posted on July 5 -- the woman said that she along with others were portrayed as transphobic by Antifa at the protest, but that’s not the case.


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She then went on to share her ordeal at the Wi Spa. The woman said, “In January 2020, I thought it would be cute to take my daughter on a spa day. So, we went to Wi Spa.” In the YouTube video, the woman said that at the time, her daughter was only six-years-old. She also showed pictures of her and her daughter at the spa and mentioned Wi Spa has playrooms for kids.


The woman continued: “Like I said it’s a Korean spa, so everyone was naked. We also were nude in the women’s side of the spa. And there’s little girls who are naked with their older Korean grandmas who were naked and the women’s section has like hot tubs and like massage areas, and everyone’s nude and this is my first time. I was kind of uncomfortable, but I was like okay well this is how they do it.

“We got into the hot tub and we’re having a great time there with other women when a person I guess with a penis and a beard came over with two girlfriends. They appeared to me to be lesbians with tattoos and colored hair. They appeared, the three of them kind of progressive activist types. They came in with kind of an entitled attitude and they sat down on the edge of the hot tub where I was with my daughter.”



She added: “The person with the penis sat down on the edge of the hot tub with fully on display with his genitals fully on display and so me and the other women in the hot tub kind of looked each other in the eye and we just kind of made this face like what the heck. We were just uncomfortable. I was trying to block my daughter from seeing the penis on the person with the five o'clock shadow who was not trying to look like a woman at all and we got out of the hot tub and I walked away. I thought of spoke to like a different woman and a woman this other woman said they spoke to this person about the covering up but they refused and I kind of felt horrified. All women were uncomfortable.”

The woman noted that everyone in LA is progressive and claimed she was a registered Democrat. “I’ve been to gay pride. I have no problem with gay people, no problem with trans people. This is different. My daughter is six-year-old and she was like nude and this person wasn’t making any attempt to look like a woman whatsoever.”

She claimed that when she complained about it to the front desk, they apologized and gave her two free passes to Wi Spa. “I felt horrible. It took me the whole day to even tell my husband what happened,” she said, before stating, “I’ve been to pride on Santa Monica many times. I hate that the Antifa people are trying to pretend that everybody who has a problem or is a homophobe or a transphobe. That’s not true.”

Video grabs show protesters clashing outside LA's Wi Spa (Twitter/MrAndyNgo)

While concluding her video, the woman criticized Antifa for being violent at the protest and said that she just “wanted to make it clear what the issue was. I don’t like the way it’s being portrayed. This isn’t about being a homophobe or a transphobe or whatever.” As her story went out, several people supported her. One person tweeted, “Thank you for speaking up and making your story known. We know how much it takes, and I am so sorry this happened to you and your daughter.” Another one wrote, “Thank you for coming forward. It’s crucial that these stories are told because the TRA’s bully and threaten in order to silence anyone that speaks up so most people don’t realize shit like this really happens.” “So sorry this happened.  It's absolutely unacceptable,” a supportive comment read.