Trans protest turns violent at LA's Wi Spa, as 'Antifa' mob allegedly runs riot

The protest erupted after a Wi Spa customer complained in a viral video that a man was walking around naked, but the person later identified as trans

                            Trans protest turns violent at LA's Wi Spa, as 'Antifa' mob allegedly runs riot
Video grabs show protesters clashing outside LA's Wi Spa (Twitter/MrAndyNgo)

A violent protest broke out on Saturday, July 4, which was sparked by a viral video released by a woman who was outraged that a transwoman was permitted to disrobe in the women's arena of an elite Koreatown spa called Wi Spa and walk around naked in front of women and minors. The event prompted the Los Angeles police in riot gear to be dispatched to the scene.

The incident took place less than a week ago when a woman in the viral video alleged that the spa in Los Angeles, California, allowed a 'man' to walk around while exposing his penis, in the women's section. People also tried to defend the naked person, saying he might be a transgender woman. It was later reported that the customer identified as a transgender woman. The spa defended itself and said: “Like many other metropolitan areas, Los Angeles contains a transgender population, some of whom enjoy visiting a spa,” the statement said. “Wi Spa strives to meet the needs of all its customers.”


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Trans rights have been in focus in recent news, including the proposed Policy 8040 on restrooms that requires students to be "allowed to use the facility that corresponds to their gender identity". Last month, a Virginia eighth-grader slammed Loudoun County Public Schools for Policy 8350 that she believes allows boys to use girls locker rooms, endangering female students.

What happened at Wi Spa protests?

People from both sides of the transgender rights movement battled in Downtown LA outside Wi Spa on Wilshire Boulevard, according to footage from FOX Los Angeles and others uploaded on social media. People wearing masks and flak jackets, some with guns, and others holding placards or flags could be seen. Those opposed to the policy planned a demonstration in front of the company at 11 am on Saturday, July 3, while advocates of trans rights with the organization SoCal Antifa planned to arrive two hours early for a “No Bigotry in LA” event.

Social media users posted shocking videos on Twitter of the violent protest. "At the Wi Spa protest in Los Angeles, a lone young man gets his sign ripped up by an antifa. A mob of antifa then assaults him to the ground & kicks him after he got out pepper spray," tweeted Andy Ngo, a New York Times bestselling author. "You’re gonna get your ass knocked out” Antifa threaten, follow & hit a Latino couple accused of “transphobia” at the violent protest outside Wi Spa in Los Angeles," he said, sharing another video.



"Antifa started a fire on the street at their riot in Los Angeles to counter a group of people who protested the Wi Spa, a business where a person allegedly exposed their genitals to women & girls. Antifa called the protesters transphobes as they beat them," Ngo explained. "Chad Loder, a militant Antifa who frequently incites violence on @twitter, posted in support of the street preacher being left bloodied at the violent antifa event outside Wi Spa in Los Angeles," he said.

"Antifa surrounded, assaulted & chased a woman (in purple shirt) at the Los Angeles Wi Spa protest," he tweeted as he shared a video of the assault. He also shared a video of a person hitting someone with a melee weapon at the protest. "A mob of antifa (look at their flag if it’s not obvious enough) punch a man, then chase & assault a videographer at the Wi Spa protest in Los Angeles," he tweeted. The mob could be heard shouting "Flank him on the right!"







"BREAKING: Just had a gun pulled on us by transphobes at Wi Spa. He reached into a backpack and grabbed it. When I asked him what he grabbed, he said “something to shoot you with” to me," said a Twitter user. "I see both the Proud Boys and Antifa are planning on turning up to the Wi Spa protest. So a stand on women's rights will yet again be hijacked by violent men who want to punch each other. Ffs," said another. "This is the person who organized a counter-protest at Wi Spa, where, in a viral video, a woman called out a trans-identified person for exposing their genitals in the presence of women and children," said a Twitter user.