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Nancy Mace's house vandalized with Antifa symbols on Memorial Day, but Internet calls attack 'staged'

Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace's house in South Carolina was vandalized with Antifa symbols and profanities on Memorial Day
Representative Nancy Mace's house was vandalized with profanity and anti-establishment slogans (Facebook/ Twitter @NancyMace)
Representative Nancy Mace's house was vandalized with profanity and anti-establishment slogans (Facebook/ Twitter @NancyMace)

Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace's house in South Carolina was vandalized on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Profanity and graffiti were spray-painted at the entrance of the house and other places, along with Antifa symbols. The GOP representative has expressed her shock and horror at the incident, blaming Antifa agents to be behind the sudden attack. Meanwhile, the Charleston South Carolina Police Department has launched an elaborate investigation into the vandalism incident. 

According to CNN, police officer Charles E Francis has confirmed that no arrests have been made so far but they are probing the vandalism incident thoroughly. Mace thanked the local police for their proactive action and support throughout the course of the investigation. "I sincerely appreciate law enforcement doing all they can to find the criminal trespassers who vandalized my home with Antifa symbols and profanity on Memorial Day," she reportedly said. 


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Who vandalized Nancy Mace's house?

Mace posted a video on her YouTube channel detailing the vandalism around her house. She showed how phrases like 'pass the pro act', 'all politicians are bastards' and even profane abuses like 'F**k you Nancy' were spray-painted around the house. Three Antifa symbols were also spotted. "I woke up this morning to my house being vandalized last night. What makes me so angry is this is a house that I live in with my kids, my two kids," Mace said in the video posted on June 1. 


Condemning the act, she added, "There is a significant difference between nonviolent protests and criminal acts of intimidation and vandalism. We should all be able to feel safe in our own homes, regardless of our political beliefs." She addressed her anonymous attackers and implored, "I urge everyone to take a moment to think about their words and their actions at this time. And it's not just social media, but our words impact real people and impact real lives. We should think about taking it down a notch."

While it is not yet certain who the culprits are, it cannot be ignored that recently the US Capitol police revealed that there has been a 107 per cent increase in attacks against Congress members compared to 2020. The House of Representatives recently passed a $1.9B spending bill to amp up security at the Capitol Hill, as a precautionary measure to prevent another insurrection like January 6 in the future. However, it appears that lawmakers are finding it difficult to stay safe and secure inside their family homes as well. Mace said, "I hope people realize just how hard I'm working with both sides of the aisle — a particularly difficult task — given the vitriol in our current political environment. We can and we should do better for our communities and for the American people."

'This looks staged'

Mace's videos and tweets divided social media users, sparking speculations of the vandalism being 'staged'. Emmy nominated writer Bess Kalb hinted at the attack being fake, tweeting, "Ma'am, your handwriting is readily available on the internet. Whoever the mysterious cursing anarchists were, they used upside down "u"s to dot their "i"s."

"I’m the SW Treasurer of Antifa SW-24 and this isnt out work. We don’t spray paint. We would have used Expo Markers and have taken turns riding the bike and posting on TikTok. This looks staged," tweeted Tony Posnanski who claimed to be the Antifa SW treasurer. He further added, "So they vandalized your house but left that bike perfectly in place? Like they didn’t even push it down with the basket and everything?"

One user added, "That symbol is used by anarchists, not "antifa", Nancy. Also, assuming someone ACTUALLY did this (given conservative history with these type of events, it's not out of the possibility that it was faked), it's paint. Not like they tried to drag you out of the Capitol in zipties." Another user reiterated Bess Kalb's speculations, saying, "You know what I find interesting? How both Nancy Mace and this “antifa” criminal both sign their i’s with dots that are a bit of an upside-down u."





Mace has not yet addressed the speculations of the attack being staged and did not respond to internet users blaming her for faking the vandalism incident.