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'Warrior Nun' and '1899' fans SPAM Netflix's 'Beef' teaser in 'revenge' for canceling favorite shows

A user wrote, 'Good to know, and what form do you want your customers revenge to take, since you cancel everyone's favourite shows?'
Official posters of 'Warrior Nun', 'Beef' and '1899' (IMDb)
Official posters of 'Warrior Nun', 'Beef' and '1899' (IMDb)

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA: Netflix has been on the forefront of many controversies. The streaming platform has received many backlashes from fans of several shows that the platform had decided to discontinue. Shows like 'Warrior Nun', '1899', and 'Uncoupled' are just a few of the many shows that will not see the light of day. This has angered fans and they don't seem to back down.

One of the most crucial consequences of these backlashes is that the fans of these shows never miss an opportunity to show their resentment. As Netflix's upcoming comedy show 'Beef' starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun is set to premiere in the coming days, fans have quickly taken to social media to spam the post made by the streamer.


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Netflix decides to cancel 'Warrior Nun' and '1899'

'Warrior Nun' had been canceled at Netflix after its second season premiered on Netflix on November 10, 2022. The show originally debuted on the streaming platform back in July 2020, with the second season being announced in August of that same year. Ava Baptista's character Ava Silva serves as the series' focal point. As an ancient artefact is embedded in her back, Silva is drawn into the realm of a historic order of nuns known as the Order of the Cruciform Sword, who fight demons and other strong forces on Earth.

'1899' on Netflix got canceled right after its first season. The streaming service's debut of the mystery-thriller series in November 2022 featured Emily Beecham, Aneurin Barnard, Andreas Pietschmann, and Miguel Bernardeau.The characters of this science fiction drama, which has eight episodes, are the crew and passengers of the steamship "Kerberos," which is setting sail from Europe to New York. The passengers on board the boat are trapped in a number of terrifying mysteries. Every enigma changes the course of the plot, giving the audience new mysteries to discover.

'The only revenge here is against Netflix'

After Netflix posted a tweet with the promotional picture of it's upcoming comedy 'Beef', fans of shows 'Warrior Nun' and '1899' quickly went on the offensive to spam that very tweet. "SISTER WARRIORS DON’T RUN Bring back #WarriorNun #SaveWarriorNun," tweeted one fan. Another protester said, "Once again I am asking you to bring back Julie and the Phantoms, Half Bad: The Bastard Son and The Devil Himself, First Kill, Fate The Winx Saga and 1899."

"1899 was just too sexy for an American company I guess," commented another user. One user added, "Good to know, and what form do you want your customers revenge to take, since you cancel everyone's favourite shows? #SaveWarriorNun #WarriorNun #RepresentationMatters #HaloBearers #FandomsUnited."

Another said, "Yes it is! At least we agree in something! And now dear bring back #WarriorNun we want more seasons #SaveWarriorNun our stories matter! #RepresentationMatters" "I need no revenge, but I need someone to avenge #1899Netflix. Never gonna let this miracle of the cinema go. If you just shifted your perspective, Netflix! If only! Henry Singleton would 1899% approve," commented another fan.







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