'Obsession': Wonho announces 1st single album hours after teasing fans with spoilers

With no release date or other information about his upcoming single album, fans of Wonho are already theorizing about the new comeback

                            'Obsession': Wonho announces 1st single album hours after teasing fans with spoilers
Wonho has announced the release of his first single album 'Obsession' (Instagram/@iwonhoyou)

Fans of Wonho have been missing the idol since he last interacted with them at his first solo concert back in early December last year. After the end of his first official fan interaction since he debuted as a solo artist, Wenees have been seeing the idol stay low-key as he posted aesthetic pictures on his Instagram account. That was all until Wonho made a new post on January 21 hinting at a possible comeback, making fans theorize his post.

Wonho’s Instagram account has been his personal diary ever since he made his solo debut and fans have taken their time thirsting over his shirtless photos as well as being confused about his choice of ‘Business Category’ (which at the moment is ‘Tour Guide’) that the singer keeps changing from time to time. Over the past few comebacks, Wonho has particularly changed his Instagram account layout by sneakily deleting all his photos before the announcement of his last mini-album ‘Blue Letter’.


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Wonho announces ‘Obsession’

On the evening of January 21, Wonho announced his new single album, ‘Obsession’ with a “Coming Soon” poster. The upcoming album will be Wonho’s fourth official Korean release after his solo comeback. Wonho made his debut with the mini-album ‘Love Synonym’ that was released as two separate albums. The first part of the EP was ‘Love Synonym #1: Right for Me’ that released in September of 2020. The second part of this album was titled, ‘Love Synonym #2: Right for Us’ and was released in February 2021.

Following the release of this two-part album, Wonho last dropped ‘Blue Letter’ in September of 2021 after which he released a few singles like ‘On The Way’ as well as the Japanese single, ‘White Miracle’ in 2021 itself. Now, not even long after his first concert, Wonho is going to soon drop his first-ever single album. Hours before the official announcement, Wonho posted a few photos on his official Instagram account with instrumental songs playing in the background. The first post included the piano instrumental version of the Intro song from 'Blue Letter' — 'Seasons and Patterns' — while he posted a carousel post next with an unidentified guitar instrumental single playing in the background. 


Fans started wondering if were hints of a possible single that the singer would drop soon. Now, with the news of his comeback, Wenee's suspicions have started to make sense. For the uninitiated, a single album is an album that artists release with a lead single and upto three singles accompanying it. Artists that are not willing to release a mini-album (one that consists of upto six tracks) end up dropping single albums.


'I have been waiting for this'

Fans who have been eagerly waiting for the singer to release new music have been reacting to the news of this single album as expected. Fans who have no clue what a single album means are theorizing what the term means while other Wenees are just being their regular funny selves as one said, "HOLY SHIT IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT".

One more fan said, "I don't mind if it's single or not i just want to see wonho." One fan said, "OMG!!!! KING IS COMING!! OBSESSION is really THE RIGHT WORD when it comes to my Vocal King. So yeah I can't wait!" Another fan said, "AAAAAAA! How to breathe!!! It’s finally happening!"