VIXX's Cha Hak-yeon aka N leaves Jellyfish Entertainment after 8 years, fans say 'he did the right thing'

Cha Hak-yeon also shared his heartfelt gratitude with fans calling the last eight years a dream of vivid memories 'as if it was yesterday'

                            VIXX's Cha Hak-yeon aka N leaves Jellyfish Entertainment after 8 years, fans say 'he did the right thing'
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Cha Hak-yeon, more popularly known by his stage name N, of Vixx has decided to leave Jellyfish entertainment eight years after his debut in the boy group. In a heartfelt letter shared with his fans through Instagram, the 30-year-old singer and actor looked back at the journey calling it a vivid memory “as if it was yesterday.”

Hak-yeon wrote. “After due consideration and discussion with the VIXX members, I have made the decision that I will not be going forward with the renewal of my contract with the current agency and will be signing with a new agency in order to challenge myself further.” 

He further stated, “The day of VIXX’s debut in 2012, the day the official fanclub STARLIGHT was established, and the first time I met Starlights at the KSPO DOME which I have always dreamed about since I was young. From the day I cried with joy with STARLIGHT after coming no.1 at KBS MusicBank, when I did my first individual fan meeting, ‘Achahakyeon’, and until I was discharged from the military recently.”

The multi-talented K-pop singer has showed his sincere gratitude for his fans sharing their journey together stating, “Even though I was never perfect, I was able to fill in the gaps and felt reassured because STARLIGHT was always there to support, laugh and cry with me. I was lucky to have met you guys as VIXX’s N and was so happy for the last 8 years. Thank you and thank you again.”

He ended the letter reassuring the fans that he is determined to continue his work as a singer and actor to show new performances and make his current choice the right decision.


Apart from singing, Hak-yeon has shown his layered talent with acting, hosting radio shows, presenting in multiple award shows and more. Hak-yeon debuted in acting with MBC’s romantic drama 'Hotel King' as Noah in 2014. As news of Hak-yeon leaving surfaced, fans started pouring support for the singer applauding his strong stance. 

A fan posted, “I’m so so happy for Hak-yeon. I want him to use this opportunity to explore himself as an artiste. Jellyfish stifles everyone in their company because all they care abt is money. I think Hak-yeon REALIZED this when they f**ked over his group that he cares so much for” while another user wrote a long thread supporting the member, “Hak-yeon did the right thing. renewing after seeing what went down with Hongbin was just NOT an option and i never believed Hak-yeon would stick around. trust him. TRUST Hak-yeon.”

Another fan said, “Hak-yeon went.. I'm not signing in a company who mistreated my brothers!!!!!! Good for him!!!!! Damn go Cha Hak-yeon!!! This is the best news”






This isn’t the first time that a VIXX’s member has chosen to discontinue their contract with Jellyfish Entertainment while stating they would continue to support the group. Earlier this year, Hongbin, another member of VIXX left the boy group. In May 2019, Ravi didn’t renew his contract but chose to support the members nonetheless.

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