Viral video shows woman in Miami airport wearing ONLY green bikini and face mask

The video, shared by Humans of Spirit Airlines Instagram account, showed the blonde woman wearing the bikini walking through security with a backpack

                            Viral video shows woman in Miami airport wearing ONLY green bikini and face mask
An unidentified woman was seen wearing a bikini at Miami airport (Instagram/ humansofspiritairlines)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: A video of a blonde woman has gone viral on the internet as she was seen wearing nothing but just a green bikini and a face mask inside a Miami airport. The video was shared on the internet by an Instagram account — Humans of Spirit Airlines — that showed the anonymous woman walking through security carrying a backpack and a purse as she checks her phone.

The caption of the clip that has been viewed more than 41k times stated, “At least she’s wearing a mask,” and a text over the video read, “When you have a pool party at noon and a Spirit Airlines flight to catch at 4pm.” The social media account claimed that the woman was taking a Spirit Airlines flight, often referred to as an “ultra-low-cost carrier”, in her itsy bitsy, teenie weenie airport attire. But a spokesperson for Spirit Airlines told The New York Post, “This account often falsely attributes photos and videos to Spirit Airlines. The video could have been taken at any time or any place and it has no identifying characteristic of any airline. I checked, and we have no record of this on file.”


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If she was actually taking the Spirit Airlines flight, she might have faced issues since Spirit’s contract of carriage says that “a guest shall not be permitted to board the aircraft or may be required to leave an aircraft if that guest is barefoot or inadequately clothed, or whose clothing is lewd, obscene, or offensive in nature; or has an offensive odor unless caused by a qualified disability.”

The video has garnered a lot of comments also with a person saying, “The TSA screening part will be easy also.” The second one said, “I’ve never wanted to be an airplane seat so bad in my life😂.” “At least she has her mask on! That’s all that matters!” the third one wrote. A person commented, “If she made it on the plane like that she'll be hating life because planes get a lot cooler than airports do.” Another one added: “If more spirit pax looked like this I'd fly on them more.”

This comes after recently an anonymous woman was branded ‘Karen’ on a Spirit Airlines flight after she lit a cigarette inside it. The video of the incident was shared on TikTok by user Alexa Majdalawi or @heyalexa_nah, who wrote, “Only on a spirit flight: girl lit up an actual cigarette on the plane in her chair. Here’s her getting arrested,” and until Sunday, August 29, attracted approximately 11 million views.


The clip also showed other passengers on the flight appalled by the Karen-like behavior while a Black woman called for security to take the woman away. She was heard screaming, “Come get her please, bro, because she’s holding us up. Someone call 911, please get her. She’s fucking up our flight.” Smoking inside a plane has been banned in the US since 2000. 

Another video of the same incident showed Majdalawi telling Karen, “Um, can you not smoke cigarettes right now?” To which, the White woman said: “It’s been a long day.” About her experience, Majdalawi stated, “This is like the craziest flight story I’ve ever had in my whole life,” before adding that she won’t fly Spirit Airlines in the future ever again.

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