EasyJet forced to cancel flight after raucous stag party "treated the plane like a nightclub"

EasyJet forced to cancel flight after raucous stag party "treated the plane like a nightclub"
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The man whose strident stag party caused the cancellation of an easyJet flight has pushed back against the airline, saying that they completely "overreacted" to the situation.

On Friday night, Nathan Rees tweeted to easyJet that he would be taking legal action against the airline for canceling the flight to Prague, reported Daily Mail.

140 passengers had to be taken off the aircraft after Rees and the members of his stag party caused a major disruption on the flight from Bristol to the Czech city. The members of the stag party were reportedly abusive to staff, urinated on the floor of the plane, and swore in front of children, according to a fellow passenger who wished to remain anonymous.

In the incident on Friday, the revelers were allegedly "treating the plane like a nightclub", the airline said.

The raucous party even led to the arrest of a 32-year-old man hailing from Merthyr Tydfil who was on the flight. He was released later under investigation.


Another witness said on the condition of anonymity that the group's behavior was "nothing short of disgraceful", although Rees maintains that his friends were not the ones to be blamed for the cancelation.

The said passenger said in a conversation with Wales Online: "They had managed to urinate before the flight took off, but did so over the bathroom floor at the front of the plane, causing it to come under the door near the food storage area.

"When the flight attendant clarified that general manners would be required to get the flight off the ground, saying the flight would be dry, the reaction of the affected party was to verbally abuse the flight attendants."

The distressed fellow passenger continued: "The attendant said upon the ejection of one very drunk individual that there had been reports from other passengers that they had been swearing loudly with no regard for families of children on board, and had been play-fighting with each other.


"Once the party was ejected from the plane, almost every single one verbally abused the flight attendant on disembarking. 

"In short - drunk stag do has ruined the flight for many, then has the audacity to blame the staff for their actions."

However, the stag party was undeterred by the hurdle towards their party destination as they were later seen giving the thumbs up in the Czech capital on a drunken yacht trip while holding cans of beer.

That being said, Rees went on to tweet against the airline on Friday night, asserting that he would be taking the due course of law to confront them.

He said that the head of the flight's cabin crew needed to be sacked and blamed easyJet for "destroying" his stag do.

Rees, who is a landscape worker from Cardiff, Wales, posted on Twitter on Friday night: "@easyJet your cabin crew and head cabin lady need to be sacked.

"Made a mountain out of a molehill on the flight to Prague yesterday evening that got canceled.


"Destroyed my stag and also hundred of others trip to Prague. Legal action is been taken. Joke."

Other passengers who had tweeted about the incident also faced harsh ridicule from the head of the party. He responded to one of the complainants by telling them to "get off your high horse" and "wind your neck in."

Rees even wrote to private pilot Joe Roberts, saying: "No one was shouting and swearing you tool of a guy. Wind your neck in. Got no time for your opinions.

"If you honestly can say we deserved to get thrown off that plane well so be it. We have a number of people who are going to stand in our corner for this.

"One member of staff was on a power trip and caused this. A number of people took our side on this and have made a formal complaint about the staff of EasyJet.

"Mate get off your high horse, can't be dealing with you this morning."

Richard Bells, a Ph.D. student who was a passenger on the canceled flight, also got a response from Rees.

Richard wrote: "Absolute nightmare start to my weekend sampling beers in Prague as my @easyJet plane hasn't moved for 2 hours.


"They've been kicking a stag do off for pretty much the whole time. Arrggghhh."

Rees responded by saying: "Hi mate was my stag party. Gutted on what happened.

"Sorry about the flight but we all know that head flight attendant had a big stick up the a**e and didn't want us on the flight from the word go. #joke."

That being said, the band of bachelors made it to Prague eventually to celebrate Rees' upcoming wedding, only a day later than what was planned.

Rees' friend, 31-year-old Ben Grzesica, wrote on Facebook Saturday: "Well we finally got here, let's get this stag trip underway #take2."

The host of the stag do, Rees, is scheduled to marry 31-year-old Stephanie Lewis from Treharris in Wales, who has been his girlfriend for a long time.


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