Did Vinnie Hacker use N-word? TikToker canceled on b'day, begs 'let me live'

'....today. today out of all days. and every time y’all are proven wrong. f**k everything,' the TikToker tweeted as he had a meltdown

                            Did Vinnie Hacker use N-word? TikToker canceled on b'day, begs 'let me live'
Vinnie Hacker was slammed on social media on his birthday (Instagram)

TikTok star Vinnie, whose real name is Vincent Hacker, was 'canceled' by netizens on his 19th birthday for allegedly using the N-word during a video game streaming. Vinnie Hacker, who boasts of over 5.2 million followers on TikTok and 4.4 million Instagram followers, had a meltdown after earning flak on social media. "I can’t ever catch a f**king break. something new every f**king week. “just ignore it” shut up. just shut up please for the love of god and let me live a life. every time it’s “but it’s not everyone that is against you” well it’s starting to f**king feel like it," the influencer tweeted.

He added, "...today. today out of all days. and every time y’all are proven wrong. f**k everything,". "On my birthday bruh" — he wrote in the thread. After a while, he seemed more composed and issued an explanation for his earlier Twitter meltdown. "sorry y’all im pretty tired and let my emotions get the best of me and i forgot i was fucking baller so everyone (that is annoying as shit” can smd respectfully," he tweeted later, adding phrases like, "I p**s excellence" and "I s**t bricks". Meanwhile, social media was divided with a section of Vinnie's followers shading him for the alleged 'racism' while another group stood in the TikTok star's defense. 


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Vinnie was hosting a birthday special stream on July 14 at 10 pm PST when the incident took place. He was thanking someone for the sub and the viewers heard, "[N-word] thank you for the sub." However, he later claimed that he said the name of the person fast which ended up sounding like the N-word. Some of his fans have claimed that the name of the user might have been Nick or Nikki. "that was me thanking for a sub and i said the name fast bro?" Vinnie tweeted as an explanation. 


However, most Twitter users were not ready to let him get away so easily after the alleged racist abuse. "What's crazy is yall going to forgive Vinnie like with everyone else, maybe cause yall probably don't actually care," a user wrote, while a second user tweeted,“oh my gosh vinnie said the n word!” was him hanging out with trump supporters and racists not enough of a clue for you that he’s also another white racist". A third user tweeted, "y'all should have already canceled vinnie for being friends w that trump supporter," referring to his past relationship with Addison Rae.




However, Vinnie received immense support and empathy from another group of users, one of whom even zoomed in on the stream to show that Vinnie was addressing a user named Nikki1095 — which sounded like the N-word. "Proof that @Vinniehacker DID NOT say the N word, he was reading chat and subscriptions (with screenshots from his chat messages)" the user wrote. Another supporter tweeted, "i’m sorry vin. you don’t deserve this :(. I love you so much. people are sh**ty. plese try to have a great rest of your birthday and please please please don’t let this get to you love. your real supporters will defend yo ur name however much we need to bc we love you <3". "People are REALLY reaching and trying to cancel this Vinnie dude for “saying the n-word” when he said, “Nick, uh, thank you for the sub…” in the clip, like are you deaf," tweeted a third fan.