YouTubers vs TikTokers Battle of the Platforms: Vinnie Hacker beats Deji Olatunji

The YouTube vs TikTok fights were named 'Battle of the Platforms' and while many expected Deji Olatunji to win, Vinnie Hacker turned out to be a champ

                            YouTubers vs TikTokers Battle of the Platforms: Vinnie Hacker beats Deji Olatunji
Deji Olatunji and Vinnie Hacker (Instagram @comedygame/@vinniehacker)

The much-awaited YouTube vs TikTok event finally took place in Miami, Florida, on Saturday, June 12. Rapper and record producer DJ Khaled performed at the venue while the boxing match between YouTuber Deji Olatunji and TikToker Vinnie Hacker kept the fans busy on Twitter.

Fan favorite Deji, unfortunately, lost the fight to Hacker as both heavily trended on the micro-blogging site over the weekend. Apart from these two, the event will also see the showdown between Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall, DDG vs Nate Wyatt and Landon McBroom vs Ben Azelart among a few others. Deji and Hacker also had an awkward moment when they bumped into each other a day before the fight. Speaking of social media stars, YouTubers such as Matthew Chun and Sir Kipsta recently made headlines while TikToker Destini Crane also made it to the news regarding a TikTok Challenge.

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Deji Olatunji vs Vinnie Hacker

The fights at the YouTube vs TikTok event were named 'Battle of the Platforms' and lasted only for five rounds — each for two minutes. Deji, who was the crowd favorite, did pull off some punches in the very beginning but Hacker quickly gained control over him. Deji’s brother KSI, who is also a boxer and a celebrated YouTuber, had earlier tweeted supporting him, “Deji about to kill this - lmao” but soon regretted as Hacker took the crown home. KSI then tweeted, “Congrats Vinnie.” The winner also took to Twitter and posted, “Thanks to all of you who came out to support and anyone who supported in general. did this for y’all.”

Deji, on the other hand, took his shocking defeat to heart and labeled himself a failure. “I’m sorry, I am a failure,” he wrote, to which KSI quickly reverted saying, “No you’re not deji. You got in that ring. That’s more than what many could ever do. Ultimately you’re an entertaining YouTuber, boxing or not. So don’t worry about this for real.” Vinnie also chimed in to support and tweeted to KSI, “Your brothers a great kid. he gave it his all. respect to the max.” Receiving such tremendous support, Deji then promised to bounce back after taking a break with the help of another tweet, “I will bounce back. My fitness let me down again. I will take a break and bounce back. Sorry to those who I let down.”









‘Deji had this chance to redeem himself’

A lot of social media users rushed to Twitter after Hacker unexpectedly won the match against Deji. One user trolled KSI for his tweets and said, “INSTANT REGRET: KSI tweets that Deji will kill Vinnie Hacker in the ‘YouTube vs TikTok’ boxing event. 15 minutes later congratulates Vinnie for winning.” One added, “Stop playing with vinnie hacker.” The next one shared, “The minute I saw Vinnie Hacker walking to the ring on the Akatsuki theme song, I knew it was over for Deji.”
One user tweeted, “And the thing is vinnie is so mf humble. not trash talk. only real talk. and when he won took the time to let deji know that he is still an amazing fighter and to keep going. i mean…..I’m glad vinnie won out of all the tiktoker. that’s the one to win.” Another posted, “Bruh he’s hot, strong, likes anime and respectful? bruh hello? hand in marriage Vinnie.” One said, “Our fucking champ. a lot of people doubted him and thought deji would win but vinnie proved them all wrong. i'm so fucking proud of him and i'm so happy that i was able to support him throughout this process and i’ll continue to support him.” One person made fun of Deji and stated, “Damn disappointed in deji bro had this chance to redeem himself, AND GIB GOT ROBBED 100%.” One said, "So Deji got smoked and Gib got robbed??? yh goodnight."