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'Stay away from White women': Video shows White man hurling racist comments at Black US soldier

The individual questions the group, 'You guys here to spread sodomy or what? Isn't that what America's number one export is?'
UPDATED NOV 25, 2022
A viral video showed an American man heckling a group of American soldiers in a Polish mall (Havoc_Six/Twitter)
A viral video showed an American man heckling a group of American soldiers in a Polish mall (Havoc_Six/Twitter)

A video of a White man hurling homophobic and racist comments at four American soldiers has gone viral on social media. The disturbing video was posted online on Wednesday, November 23. It shows the moment when four guys in army uniforms bearing the American flag maintain their composure despite the execrable man hurling the fetid comments at them inside a Polish shopping center.

The person filming the group inquires about their intentions, including whether they were in Poland to promote "George Floyd culture" and whether they agreed that the US health secretary was a "f*****g t****y." Following that, he verbally abuses the black soldier in the group, telling him to "stay away from those white women" and reminding him that "miscegenation used to be a crime in your country." The man behind the camera says, "You're in a white country now, we don't worship n*****s and Mexicans." More than a million people saw the awful footage, which rapidly drew outrage on social media, as per Daily Mail.


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In the two-and-a-half minute video, the man continuously tries to provoke and lure the American soldiers into reacting, using insulting language and provocative questions. In the beginning of the video, a man approaches the four soldiers and asks, "You guys Americans?" which is answered with a "yes" by the men.


The individual then questions the group right away, "You guys here to spread sodomy or what? Isn't that what America's number one export is?" The bold group originally laughed off the abuse before turning around and walking away from him.

The soldiers refuse to fall into his trap, but the stranger keeps asking them inappropriate and personal questions. He then rambles on while the four soldiers kept walking away from the camera with their backs to him, asking the group, "What is it, is it George Floyd culture or is it sodomy?" in reference to the earlier mentioned "number one export" he had referred to.

The man then tries to provoke the soldiers asks, "What do you think about your health secretary being a f*****g t****y?" It appears that the man was making a reference to transgender US Health Secretary Rachel Leland Levine.

The man says, "What do you think about defending a country that has no meaning to being a citizen? Any Mexican crossing the border is literally one of you." The soldiers continue to ignore the man while moving in pairs and appearing to converse to one another.


The man decides to try one more time by making a racially insensitive remark to the only black person in the group as they go toward the building's exit. He says, "Keep Poland white. Stay away from those white women. Hey, stay away from those white women."

The soldier glances around for a moment before his comrade comforts him and leads him through the exit doors. When that remark falls flat, he continues by saying that "Miscegenation used to be a crime in your country. You're in a white country now, we don't worship n****** and Mexicans."

The man who had been strolling alongside the black soldier started to turn around at that point and exhibited a disappointed expression. "You're not welcome here, folks!" the cameraman yells as the men walk away from him at the end of the clip.

Terence Kelley, the director of public relations for the US Army, told Newsweek recently that the situation was currently being looked into. He also stated that the authorities were looking into the legitimacy of the footage. "The U.S. Army expects all Soldiers to abide by the Army Values, on duty and off. We commend all Soldiers who demonstrate discipline and restraint when confronted by provocative behavior," Kelley reportedly stated.