'She's tragic': Internet blasts 'race-baiting' Joy Reid for calling Thanksgiving ‘simplistic fairytale’

'She's tragic': Internet blasts 'race-baiting' Joy Reid for calling Thanksgiving ‘simplistic fairytale’
Joy Reid claimed while millions of Americans cherish Thanksgiving, the holiday was based on various 'historical inaccuracies' (MSNBC screenshot/YouTube)

MSNBC's Joy Reid referred to Thanksgiving as a "simplistic fairytale" based on a lie Republicans rely on to cover up America being founded on "genocide." The edition of the 'ReidOut' was opened by the host on Wednesday, November 23, who started by attacking the holiday and its traditions.

Reid claimed while millions of Americans cherish Thanksgiving and enjoy the festivities, the holiday was based on various "historical inaccuracies." "It is built on this myth that the indigenous welcomed their colonizers with open arms and ears of corn," Reid said. 


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"A simplistic fairytale interpretation of a 1621 encounter between indigenous tribes and English settlers that erases the genocide that followed," Reid continued. "It's the truth that Republicans want banned from our textbooks."

Reid said Republicans "desperately" want to keep this "secret" because America is in fact a country "founded on violence." "Our birth was violent, in 1619, a ship with more than 20 enslaved Africans landed in Virginia ushering in two centuries of American slavery that left millions in chains or dead," she said. "When those humans in bondage were finally free, a terrorist organization that was a card-carrying member of polite society the Ku Klux Klan picked up where the civil war ended."

Reid also went on to say that "using violence to maintain white supremacy the Klan and its ilk" is active in America. "As Americans we continue to choose violence, we are a country that chooses violence over and over again. There is no facet of American society that is untouched by it," she said. 


Reid is being slammed on social media for her comments on Thanksgiving, with one user saying, "Joy Reid, screwed up head case who’s hate for our fabulous country knows no limits". Another user said, "How sad it is when someone so privileged is so hateful of the nation that allowed her privileges." One commented, "Joy, go back to first grade so you might learn what Thanksgiving is about!"




"She is such a tragic human being. I have never heard anyone so negative and hate filled. I’ll be praying for her," wrote one user. "She’s a miserable person. She should move to a country where the opportunities and liberties aren’t as boundless," one user wrote, while another said, "Has there ever been a more miserable person? She thrives on creating negativity."




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