Vicky White: Model prison guard shopped for SEX TOYS days before escaping with Casey White

The adult toys store owner did say that Vicky walked in a strange manner. He said, 'It was like she was old before her time'

                            Vicky White: Model prison guard shopped for SEX TOYS days before escaping with Casey White
Vicky White (L) had escaped from jail with inmate and lover Casey White (R) on April 29 (Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office/Facebook, Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office)

Days after the jailbreak drama involving Alabama prison guard Vicky White, 56, and an inmate in her jail Casey Cole White, 38, came to an end, the interest does not seem to wane. Store owners at an adult store in Florence called Sugar & Spice Adult Novelties, revealed Vicky was shopping for sex toys at their store days before she decided to help her inmate boyfriend escape and run together.

The 56-year-old divorcee and assistant director of corrections at the Lauderdale County stopped by at the adult toy store to shop for some lingerie and an assortment of sex toys a little while before the escape on April 29, says The Daily Mirror. However, the store owner did say that Vicky walked in a strange manner. He said, "It was like she was old before her time. She slowly waddled rather than walked." and added, "Goodness knows how she has managed to go on the run."


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US Marshal Marty Keely in an interview revealed details about Vicky's life once it was established that she may have helped break him out of jail. Keely and his team learned while investigating that Vicky sold her home in Lexington for $95,000 which is way lower than the market value. She had also filed for retirement from Lauderdale County a night before she went missing. Moreover, she added an AR-15 assault rifle and a shotgun to her collection of firearms. Then, she went shopping at a Kohl's department store where she purchased men's clothing. What is also interesting to note is that Casey mentioned to officers to help his "wife" after his capture, sparking theories the pair had married while on the run. Keely, however, added that "to our knowledge, they're not married."

Screenshots showing the moment Casey White was detained (Facebook/ Evansville Police Department)

The morning when the pair went missing, Vicky informed her co-workers that she was taking the inmate Casey to a mental health evaluation that was scheduled at the county courthouse. However, around 3 pm the same day the co-workers realized that something was disturbingly wrong when the inmate did not return to the detention center and that an evaluation had not been scheduled for the day. To add to this, when they tried calling Vicky their calls went straight to voice mail.

Vicky has been known as an upstanding employee who has spent nearly two decades with the correctional department. The prison guard who appears to have shot and killed herself after allegedly helping the dangerous convict escape was reportedly due to be presented with an 'employee of the year' award soon. Vicky had previously won the award four times, The New York Times reported and had been described as an "exemplary employee...[with] an unblemished record" by Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton.

Footage of Vicky White leaving the jail with Casey Cole White (Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office, Mikerreports/Twitter)

Authorities initially thought that Vicky was kidnapped by Casey and may have been coerced into fleeing. However, they realized that it was nothing but a cover story for her to run with Casey. Lauderdale County Sheriff Singleton tapped the US Marshals Service for help and soon, Keely and the agency’s Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force were scouring for clues. It was in an obscure Indiana town on the banks of the Ohio River, that the 11-day manhunt for escaped convict Casey and his jailboss girlfriend Vicky came to a tragic end. The duo was found hiding in plain sight at a dingy, roadside motel some 300 miles away from jail. With cops in hot pursuit, they fled the Motel 41 in Evansville and that high-speed chase only ended when members of the US Marshals Service rammed into the couple’s latest getaway car, sending it flying into a ditch. The pair had planned to end their time on the run by starting a shootout with police — but instead, Vicky turned the gun on herself the moment cops closed in, while Casey surrendered.

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