DRAMATIC footage shows Alabama fugitive Casey White's arrest that ended with his GF's suicide

DRAMATIC footage shows Alabama fugitive Casey White's arrest that ended with his GF's suicide
Screenshots showing the moment when Casey White was detained by the police officers (Evansville Police Department/Facebook)

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA: Evansville Police Department has released footage that shows the dramatic moment when the Alabama fugitive Casey White was arrested. Casey along with his girlfriend, Vicky White, also an ex-Alabama corrections officer, was on the run since April 29 after fleeing the Lauderdale County Detention Center in a transport vehicle.

However, on Monday, May 9, Casey was caught following an 11-day manhunt that covered several states. His detention also ended with his fugitive jail honcho girlfriend’s death because of self-inflicted gunshot injuries. The nearly two-minute clip shared on Facebook by police showed a patrol car speeding to the field where the pair’s latest fleeing vehicle, a Cadillac, was forced into a ditch in Evansville, Indiana.


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The video showed multiple officers holding Casey who was lying on the ground, while some were looking inside the rammed car. It has been reported that the murder defendant serving a 75-year sentence surrendered to the cops without any resistance but his partner reportedly shot herself before she was arrested. She was transported to a hospital with “serious injuries” before being pronounced dead.

The police footage also showed authorities taking a handcuffed Casey in a white t-shirt, a blue button-down shirt, sunglasses, and black pants to the police squad car before they forced him over the hood and held him down as they body-searched him. During the search of the fugitives' car, numerous weapons, including an AR-15 rifle and 9mm handguns, and $29,000 in cash were recovered as it has been reported that they were planning a shootout with the officers.

Vicky White (R) had escaped jail with a confessed killer named Casey White (L) (Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office/Facebook)


The dashcam footage was released soon before Casey was transported to Alabama. A trial has reportedly been scheduled in June for his original murder charge. It has also been reported that after his arraignment on his new escape charges will be done, he will be put in the prison system. “In a county jail, you've got people coming and going all the time. You don't have that situation in the prisons,” said Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton, as reported by BBC.

Meanwhile, the police footage has attracted a lot of attention online. A user commented below it, “I'm proud of our law enforcement officers and for the help of our local citizens!” Another user said, “It sounds like they're trying to maybe bust a window out to get to her. That's sad she took her own life. She probably thought her life was already over. Luckily no one innocent was hurt in the process.” “Actions have consequences. Sad story, but reality remains that Vicky White was a trained professional who knew the difference between right and wrong. Sad, but true,” the third user noted.

A comment stated, “Did a great job 👏 But my condolence goes out to her mother this Sad day for her family 🙏🙏.” “I’m 76. I spent 23 of my first 27 years in Evansville. Have to say in the few encounters I had with Evansville Police, I found them far more professional that the ones I’ve had in Texas and Oklahoma!” another comment read.

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