Vicky White: Jail guard who escaped with Casey White was in a two-year relationship with him

Vicky White: Jail guard who escaped with Casey White was in a two-year relationship with him
Vicky White (R) fled away with confessed killer Casey White (L) (Credits: Facebook/Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office)

Vicky White, a jail guard who was intimately involved with confessed killer Casey White for at least two years, escaped from prison with him, according to police. Vicky, 56, and Casey, 38, had a 'special friendship' that began in 2020, when the prisoner was initially taken to Lauderdale County for his arraignment.

Inmates claim Vicky made sure Casey 'was getting extra food on his trays' and 'was getting privileges no one else got.' The claim was substantiated by an independent investigation, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told CNN. "As far as we know," Singleton said of the arraignment, "that was the earliest physical contact they had." Casey and Vicky continued to correspond even after the accused murderer was sent to prison, he claimed.


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Investigators are examining surveillance footage from the Lauderdale County Jail, where the escape took place, to understand more about the relationship. Officials released a fresh video on Wednesday, May 4 of the squad car they were in passing a gas station purportedly on their route to give him a mental health evaluation.


Casey was detained at a state prison prior to his arraignment and was returned to the facility shortly afterward. Vicky and Casey kept in touch while he was in the Alabama Department of Corrections, Singleton revealed to on Wednesday.

According to Singleton, the couple kept their relationship private, and Lauderdale County officials were unaware that Vicky had been paying him visits. "I'm sure DOC didn't know where she worked or that she was a corrections officer," the sheriff stated. In February 2022, Casey was moved to the Lauderdale County Jail.

Meanwhile, Connie White, the mother of the confessed murderer, has defended her son, insisting he is innocent and "not a monster." In a phone interview with The New York Post on Tuesday, Connie White said, "I just have no idea why they've painted him as a monster."

"The only reason he came out to Lauderdale County was to get out of the prison he was in. He wrote a letter to say that he murdered that woman. But he didn't really murder her, he just done that to get back up here. He just wanted to be out of that prison because it was so bad and there was no food." Connie denied knowing anything about her son's purported affair with Vicky. "He never mentioned Vicky White," Connie said. "He said he had a pen pal but I had no idea who it was."


Vicky smuggled the 6'9" 'monster' Casey out of the Lauderdale County Jail before they escaped with an AR-15 and a shotgun, according to surveillance video taken at the jail. Casey was facing a 75-year sentence for attempted murder, burglary, robbery, kidnapping, and animal abuse. After confessing to the deadly stabbing of Connie Ridgeway, 58, he was also charged with murder.

Vicky informed authorities she was going to take Casey for a mental health evaluation on her last day before retirement before the apparent lovers made a break for it on Friday. The 56-year-old widow held the door for the 38-year-old criminal, who was still wearing handcuffs. Then, they got into a black car and sped away at 9:30 am. 


In a new video released Wednesday, the couple can be seen going to the Florence Square shopping mall, where they ditch the sheriff's car they used during the escape. According to WAAY, the latest video shows them driving through the intersection of Huntsville Road and Cox Creek Parkway at 9:49 am on Friday. The shopping center is about a half-mile away from the crossroads. Several hours after the escape, the cruiser they drove was discovered abandoned in the center parking lot.

Connie White, who spoke to her son the day before he vanished, claimed she had no knowledge of his disappearance. "Everything was perfectly fine," Connie said. The US Marshals Service believes the two are armed with an AR-15 and a shotgun, and that they may have escaped in a copper 2007 Ford Edge. Cops and federal authorities have launched a massive manhunt for the pair and have been drip-feeding more information about them, including the fact that the prison guard used two identities herself.

Vicky was regarded as an "exemplary employee" by Sheriff Singleton, who urge her to surrender. "Vicky you've been in this business for 17 years, you've seen this scenario play out more than once and you know how it always ends," Singleton said on Good Morning America on Wednesday. "Now go ahead and end it now, get to a phone and call 911, turn yourself in and help us get Casey White back behind bars because you know that's where he's going to eventually end up."

Investigators 'don't have any idea where they might be,' according to the sheriff, as of Wednesday morning. Despite her coworkers and superiors hoping against it, the sheriff stated that all indications suggest Vicky willingly assisted in the escape.


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