Vicky White: Alabama jail guard's family insists she did not willingly help inmate escape

Vicky White: Alabama jail guard's family insists she did not willingly help inmate escape
Though Vicky (R) and Casey (L) have the same last name, investigators state the two are not related (Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office)

The Assistant Director of Corrections Vicky White, picked up Casey White, an inmate facing murder charges, from the Lauderdale County Jail on April 29, at 9:41 am, and disappeared. The 56-year-old lied to a booking officer, stating she was taking the 38-year-old to the county courthouse for a mental health evaluation when no such evaluation was scheduled. 

The Alabama jail official also said she was going to a medical appointment, which was another lie. An hour and a half later, they were reported missing and Vicky's patrol car was found abandoned at a shopping center. "We're aggressively doing everything we can to locate them. We feel like we may have some information that could lead us to the description of a vehicle. That's one of the major missing pieces of the puzzle right now," Rick Singleton, Lauderdale Sheriff, told WBRC.


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Who is Casey White? Marshals offer $10,000 reward for info on missing Alabama jail inmate and officer



"All indications are that Director White was involved and participated in the escape. We are trying to determine was that done willfully, or was she somehow coerced or threatened into participating?" he added. State and federal agencies are now involved in the search including ALEA, FBI, ATF, US Marshals Service, and US Secret Service, as per the portal.

Casey, the escaped inmate, is awaiting trial on capital murder charges and is serving a 75-year sentence for a violent crime spree, including holding six people at gunpoint and shooting one of them and a dog. "He's a very dangerous individual. The worst thing that could happen would be one of our fellow law enforcement get hurt over this," said Singleton.


He also spoke highly of Vicky, saying she was an exceptional employee with an unblemished record. The jail guard had been with the department for almost 17 years and was voted by her peers as Supervisor or Employee of the Year for four of the last seven years. Frances White, Vicky's former mother-in-law, told Daily Mail that the accusations against Vicky don't match the "awfully good person" she knows.

The 88-year-old said, "I can't understand her leaving with a guy she knew was a murderer. If he killed one person, he'd kill another. I read it in the paper this morning. I can't see her doing that. She wasn't that kind of person. She raised baby cows and stuff, and she worked hard." Frances added that Vicky remained close with her and her son, Tommy who died in January due to Parkinson's Disease, even after the divorce.

"Before my son got to where he couldn't drive, Vicky would always, she would come out to the car and help him in. We still were really good friends. She was a really sweet person," she told Daily Mail. "This is the most current photo of inmate Casey White. We continue to work with state and federal agencies in following leads and investigating the escape. At this time there is no other significant updated information to pass along. A press conference will be held tomorrow morning at 10:30 am," says a Facebook post by the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office.


Though Vicky and Casey have the same last name, investigators state the two are not related. The US Marshals Service is offering up to $10,000 for information about the two of them. "Casey White is believed to be a serious threat to the corrections officer and the public. Do not attempt to apprehend this fugitive," said US Marshal Marty Keely in the official statement.


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