'Undercover Boss' Season 11: Randy to Candace, are they still working for city of Fontana?

'Undercover Boss' Season 11: Randy to Candace, are they still working for city of Fontana?
Ben (Firefighter Paramedic) and Mayor Acquanetta Warren in 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)

After a hiatus of two weeks, ‘Undercover Boss’ Season 11 made its way to CBS once again and it was Acquanetta Warren, the mayor of Fontana, who appeared on the show to know how the employees of various departments were doing. She also got to learn about if the police and fire departments were operating properly or not.

During the episode, she met a lot of representatives from various departments and got to know about their problems. Warren is going undercover to spend the “Covid Relief Fund” on departments that have faced a lot of problems due to the pandemic. So, just like the CEO of Restoration 1, Gary Findley, and CEO of US Cellular, Laurent Therivel, the mayor of Fontana also learned about the problems faced by different departments of the city and felt like she needed to address them before things got worse.


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Let’s take a look at the employees she met and if they continue to work in Fontana or not.


Randy, one of the police officers, met Lavoise Jones (Warren) and they went to take a ride and meet some of the homeless people. The duo met a woman named Renee and asked her if she was doing okay and if she needed something. She said that the only thing she needs is a bathroom because it can be hard finding one. So, Randy told her about some services that the city provides.

Warren also asked her how did she become homeless and she said that after her mother’s death, her brothers sold the house. Warren was heartbroken after that and left the place along with Randy.

Mayor Acquanetta Warren, Fontana, CA and Randy (Police Officer) in 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)


While driving, Randy told her about him and revealed that he also spent his childhood on the streets. His family was forced to live in cars. So, he wanted to help these people and most importantly, he wants to bridge the gap between people and police because there has been a lot of mistrust between the two sections after the Black Lives Matter movement.

When Warren met Randy as the mayor, she applauded his work and made him an ambassador to talk with people and tell them about the police department. She also gave him $10,000 for himself and his wife as well. In the end, she set up a scholarship fund for their kids as well.

Randy is still working as a police officer and talks to the community as the ambassador. 


After meeting Randy, the mayor of Fontana went on to meet Candace, a community service assistant. She and Candace went to one of the parks and they had to clean it so that when kids arrive there, they don’t find the park filthy. While cleaning, they found things like cigarette butts, wrappers, and other stuff. But Warren felt really weird when she found things like panties and condoms in the park as well.

After that, she and Candace met some children who asked questions about animals. When the class got over, they both sat down and Candace told her about her own life. She loves her family and misses her brother who died due to Cancer. Candace wants to be a nurse and help people.

Mayor Acquanetta Warren, Fontana, CA and Randy (Police Officer) in 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)


The meeting between Warren and Candace was really emotional. Warren told her that they will be spending $50,000 on a Park Ranger who will work in the park after it gets closed. Warren and DW Development also gave her $10,000 to complete her studies for becoming a nurse.

Candace is also continuing to work in Fontana and is studying to become a nurse. 


The last person Warren met was Ben, a firefighter paramedic, who works at the Fontana Fire Department. Ben trained Warren on how to use a fire hose and how to save a patient if he or she is stuck in a car. The fireman asked her to work with a tool to open the car and she was really excited about that. However, it was hard for her to use the tool because she was using it for the first time. While using the tool and trying to open the door, she smashed the window of the car and when the car door opened suddenly, the tool went away flying to the ground.

Mayor Acquanetta Warren, Fontana, CA and Ben (Firefighter Paramedic) in 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)


As soon as the training got over, Warren asked Ben about the department and he told her how understaffed they were because of the pandemic. He had to work “force hiring” and due to that, he never got a holiday on important occasions.

Warren told Ben that she is going to hold a barbecue to create a strong bond. Also, the mayor of Fontana promised that the authorities will spend $11 million on two fire stations and a new training facility. She also gave a $10,000 grant to his wife who is studying in school.

Ben continues to work for the fire department and is now hiring new recruits. 

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