'Undercover Boss' Season 11: Amanda to Art, are they still working at Coco's Bakery?

'Undercover Boss' Season 11: Amanda to Art, are they still working at Coco's Bakery?
Tom (Shift Lead) and Warren Boone, chief people officer, Coco’s Bakery Restaurants in 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)

The finale of ‘Undercover Boss’ Season 11 just aired on CBS and once again, things ended on a high as Chief People Officer of Coco’s Bakery, Warren Boone, got to know how amazing his employees are.

For the last 4 months, CEOs and co-founders like Sharon M Leite (The Vitamin Shoppe), Gary A Findley (Restoration 1), and Laurent Therivel (US Cellular) made appearances on the show and changed the lives of their respective employees. During the finale, we saw that Boone joined the company in the middle of the pandemic and had to lay off 40% of the staff. But now that things are getting normal, he needs to bring people back so that business can thrive and survive.


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Boone visited four different locations and met several people who told him how things are going on in the company. He was shocked to learn a lot of things and noted everything down. So, let’s see who he met and if these people are still working with Coco’s Bakery or not.


Boone took the disguise of a man named Brad who met Amanda and will be assisting in serving customers. As soon as he started taking orders, things started to get problematic because he took the order and didn’t ask how customers want it cooked. Also, he put down a drinks tray and felt really embarrassed. However, the most embarrassing thing happened when Amanda, the store’s manager, and Boone were trying to swipe the gift card for payment and it didn’t go through. Amanda told Boone that systems are messy and it happens sometimes.

Warren Boone, chief people officer, Coco’s Bakery Restaurants and Amanda (Server) in 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)


Amanda told her that the restaurant is understaffed and the servers have to wash the dishes as well. So, Amanda tells him that her mother has cancer and is providing for her mother. She would love to spend more time with her and because of shift timing, she is not able to do that.

Boone gave her $20,000 for a new vehicle so that she can take her mother to appointments.

As of now, Amanda is still working with Coco’s and has bought a new car.


Ramon has been working with Coco’s Bakery for the last 35 years and he knows everything about the company. So, he trains Boone about how the pies are made. He also told Boone that some of the products used in the restaurant are really cheap and if they are not used in time, then they would expire. So, if these products expire, they won’t be able to make Lemon Meringue Pie, which is Coco’s Bakery's most popular dish.

Ramon (Baker) and Warren Boone, chief people officer, Coco’s Bakery Restaurants in 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)


Ramon told Boone that he has told the managers about it many times, but no one hears his concerns. He has worked at the company for more than 3 decades and he still earns a minimum wage. Brad was baffled to learn that and wants to change that. He personally apologized on the behalf of the entire company and gave him the highest amount of salary that the bakers get. Boone also set up a retirement fund for Ramon and added $15,000 to it.

Boone is still working with the company and he has received a raise in pay. 


Tom is the shift lead at the Anaheim location and did a lot of work inside the restaurant. Tom overlooked everything and even cooked. But, Boone was terrible at it and burnt a lot of pancakes. They also went to the hotel and delivered Apple Pies. Boone believes that this is perfect, but Tom believes that the company needs better social media marketing.

Tom (Shift Lead) and Warren Boone, chief people officer, Coco’s Bakery Restaurants in 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)


While sitting together, Tom told Boone that he lost his biological mother and father a few years back. He also lost his stepmother a few months back and is now living where she used to live. But he can be thrown out at any time by the landlord. He gave a promotion to Tom and made him the Assistant General Manager. Boone also gave him $10,000 and assisted him in finding a new home.  

Tom has finally brought a new home and has been promoted to the position of Assistant General Manager.


Art is the General Manager of one of the restaurants in California, which is really successful. Brad called him a Drill Sergeant for doing the work so fast. Art also told Boone that he hasn’t received any kind of bonus and it’s alright because some things are done from the heart. After stocking the deliveries, Boone was tasked with cleaning the toilet and a General Manager does that.

Warren Boone, chief people officer, Coco’s Bakery Restaurants and Art (General Manager) in 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)

Art told him that he came from Bangladesh and started working with Coco’s Bakery in 1996. He has not seen his family for over a decade and works seven days a week. In the end, Boone gave him an annual bonus of $10,000 and gave him an additional $10,000 so that he can take his family to Bangladesh to meet his family.

Art continues his journey with the company and visits his family in Bangladesh after 10 years. 

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